Saturday, June 02, 2007

Show Time, Almost

We hung my show, "A Date with Judy", yesterday morning at the UUFA in Athens, GA and it went very smoothly. I don't have a lot of 'stuff' to show, but then the narthex of the UUFA is quaint, so we make a good combo. Virginia, who is the person in charge of the art work, and my cousin-in-law Heather, who is a member and my contact person, and I did the hanging. We shared a lot of laughs and were pleased with the outcome of our morning doings. Tomorrow is the opening, wish me well!
Here are a couple more pics:

The above are painted silk on canvas. I enjoy working with this medium.

Quilted wallhangings:

Here are a few more of my pieces:

The piece on the left, "Warts 'N' All" is quilted and then stretched over stretcher bars. The center piece, "Something Fishy III" is quilted and not mounted. "Standing on Her Own 2 Feet" is quilted and mounted on acid free foam core.

My mind has been working overtime the past few days, thinking about "Waitress" the newly released movie that C and I saw last weekend. It stars the lovely Keri Russel, handsome Nathan Fillion and our old friend Andy Griffith. While quilting away the other day and listening to some NPR podcasts, I heard an interview with Andy Griffith in which he talked about the recent murder of Adrienne Shelley, Waitress' director, writer and who also played the part of Dawn, another waitress. If you want to read more about the senseless murder of this talented young woman, go here. I am still having a difficult time putting this to it ok to murder somebody just because you're having a bad day????



joyce said...

Your work is gorgeous. I wish I could go to the show and see it in person.

Vicki W said...

What a wonderful exhibit! Congratulations!

Eva Hagbjärn said...

Lovely pieces - as always!!!
Good luck tomorrow =)
Take lots of pics!


Rayna said...

Looks good, Judy! Have fun at the opening.

I've been avoiding seeing Waitress because I remember her murder all-too-well (it was horrendous local news) and it breaks my heart. But I will go see it eventually because it has gotten such rave reviews.

Gerrie said...

Well, Judy, of course, you know it is not ok to murder anyone for any reason - at least that is my belief. But, I agree. It was such a sad story.

Your show looks yummilicious and very summery. Hope it is going well.