Wednesday, June 27, 2007


The very last thing my dear mother would ever call herself is a collector, but in sorting through her drawers of "things" in her Assisted Living apartment and moving her to yet smaller digs in Skilled Care, I observe that she has been a collector of a few doodads over the past 90 years. I am thrilled, because some of her collection really appeals to me, and I will treasure these things.

Here is a grouping of tape measures:

Most aren't anything really special, but I have very fond memories of that plastic apple tape measure in the upper left hand corner. It belonged to my Swedish grandmother, Augusta, and spent many years on the top shelf of her little sewing caddy. I never thought my Mother was sentimental, but she did save her mother's tape measure!

Here's another collection that I found in one of her drawers:

Keys, little locks, and wonderful old key from the church where I was baptised oh so many years ago, another from the bank where my mother served as manager and loan officer. Those keys are great, and I will use them, for sure!

On another totally different note, but yet still a collection of sorts, my new internet friend Jude sent me this little goody bag of stuff as part of the June "Create A Connection" swap. How creative a collection: two bottles of nail polish, some fizzy feet to add to a tub of water for a pedicure, a very yummily scented candle, some paperdolls to play with while I soak my feet, and a lovely silky bag holding all of the collection! I haven't had a chance to use this very thoughtful and creative gift, but when I do, you will read about it! Jude is a caregiver too, so she has been wonderfully sympathetic during my Mom's past few weeks of illness. Thanks Jude!!

I've been puttering around the house the past two mornings, just sort of treating each morning like a lazy winter Saturday. I try to organize at least two piles of things from my Mom's and do a bit of straightening up on our own things. Today, I took a break midmorning and wandered through my flower garden:

My Echinaceae are in full bloom right now, and the bees are loving them! It won't be long before my Star Gazer Lilies are alsoblooming. I have missed seeing their early July performance for several years now, so it will be very pleasant to be home for the show this summer!



Gerrie said...

Your flower photographs are so beautiful. I also enjoyed your collections. I never got to have any of my mother's things. I was too far away and my sisters got it all. I coveted her knitting needles and the case that they were in, but my sister, who doesn't knit, has them and won't give them up! Oh, well.

Eva Hagbjärn said...

How nice to find ”old memories”! Keep them safe!
XO Eva

joyce said...

We found lots of little collections when we cleaned out my Dad's house too. Nothing very valuable except sentimental but that's enough for me.

teodo said...

I like very much your flower for the colour and for the elegance.
All these collections are memory treasures. I love collections, I've many of them.
When I see other collections I always try to imagine who used to have them in the past.
ciao ciao

Rayna said...

Judy - my mother is the consumate collector: I grew up with antiques and books coming out of my ears. I've tried to curtail my own collecting. These days, ma collects unread newspapers, receipts from things she doesn't remember she has bought...and other miscellany. Thinking of you and your mom.