Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Peaceful Day

C and I arrived home from our wonderful whirlwind trip to Nashua, NH last night, and I got busy doing laundry, etc. while he went off to a Vestry meeting at our church. So, we had a late dinner and fell into bed. Barker and I were up and on the golf course early this morning. It was fairly cool and overcast...quite lovely! The blackberries along the cart paths are just beginning to ripen, so I was thankful that Barker would allow me to stop and nibble every so often!

I was busy this morning just straightening up around the house, but I vowed that I would make time to sew or do something creative this afternoon. I got busy right after lunch and finished up a couple of postcards I had started back before my Mom got sick.

This is the first one, and will be a birthday card for a dear friend of mine. I had high hopes of making her a wallhanging this month, but life got in the way. I hope she will enjoy this:

The flowers are made with painted lutradur scraps from my big poppy piece that I am making. I've satin stitched over some floral wire to make the stems and the veins in the petals. I'm playing around with a different edge finishing technique. I got this idea off of the QA list from this blog:
http://vdenegrequilts.blogspot.com/2007/06/cardinals.html. I wish I could remember the gal's name, but you can look it up and find out for yourself. She has fused Angelina fibers to the edges of a piece of watercolor paper and then fused/glued that to the quilted postcard, then buttonholed around the fabric. I like the look, and the watercolor paper gives a nice writing surface for the card.

Here is the second one:

I was really pleased with it, and when I showed C, he said it looked sloppy! I thought it looked happy! He also didn't understand that the 3 was a 3...he thought it was a "W"! Honestly!! Just goes to show you that what I think is so very obvious, obviously is not!!! So, this is an anniversary card for Kristin and Dave, who will celebrate their third on the 3rd of July! It's difficult to believe that 3 years have gone by so quickly!!!

I'll share this one label with you, and then I'm outta here:

I told Diane about it the other day when we were in Nashua, but I never had a chance to show it to her. I was so elated to finally get on that flight to Boston last Friday night, that I celebrated with a little split of Merlot. I really liked the label (especially the fish) but the wine tasted a lot like one would imagine a fish eye would taste!! BLECH!!!



Diane said...

Being fond of Merlot, I am sorry the wine tasted BLECH! But...it could be a cool stencil!!

Gerrie said...

We are so much alike!! I love that label - I often buy wine because of the label. The postcard is gorgeous. Tell C that I knew right away that it was a wonky 3!!