Sunday, June 10, 2007


The night before Mom got sick, I had a chance to play around out in the studio with my DuPont dyes and a mixture of some black dye and gutta. Here's what happened:

It sat out in the studio until last night when I just couldn't stand it any longer, so I got it off the frame and got it steamed. Then I washed and ironed it. I just love it but wish that I could draw a bit better!

I'm only using the primary colors plus something that's pretty near turquoise, and then I just mix and blend....I like what I got!!

The flower below is probably the best of the lot (which isn't saying much is it!), but unfortunately it was right at the selvage edge, so it ran off!

I love how well the DuPont dyes react with both salt and alcohol. It just so exhilarating to paint with them! Tonight I will go home and paint my lilies and another abstract piece that I drew last night. This is a great release for me right now!



joyce said...

Aren't those Dupont dyes just the best thing! I have done lots of dyeing with them and the only disappointment has been with my drawing. Lol. I love the way they blend and also the reactions with salt and alcohol. I read somewhere that making a sugar syrup and dyeing it would produce interesting results and it did. I also tried painting on salt water and letting it dry before painting. THat was also interesting. Maybe I'll find those samples and post them.

Rayna said...

Finally catching up with your blog. Hope your mom is feeling better by now, Judy. It is really hard. We did my mom's 90th little celebration today and will take her out to dinner on her real b.d., Tuesday. Your flowers, both in the garden and on silk,look great. And I love Gerrie's piece that she sent for your b.d.

Vicki W said...

I've never heard of DuPont dyes,but your piece is really cool!

Sue B said...

Judy this piece is gorgeous. I absolutely love what you've done here. How big is this piece? Do you ever sell your work?

Diane said...

The color of the flower is wonderful, especially love the reaction of the salt/alcohol! I might have to buy some DuPont dyes, haha.


teodo said...

This piece is wonderful, I like very much the colors.
I have heard about salt reaction but never about alcohol.
ciao ciao

StegArt said...

Well I don't think you need to draw better, as this is great just as it is. Keep doing it!

Gerrie said...

I LOVE your drawing. I love the abstractness of it.