Friday, June 08, 2007

Friday notes

I'm sitting here in Mama's hospital room as she finally catches a few zzzzzs. She has had three rough nights, with no sleep. This morning I couldn't sleep either, so I got up just at dawn and had a light breakfast. I thought I could get in a couple hours of weeding and pruning before visiting hours began. Mom's nurse called and said that she was agitated and wanted me and C to be there "right now". Mom is normally very mild mannered and polite, so this was a shock. C rushed right over to the hospital while I showered. Mom is now settled comfortably and I have been going through photos on my laptop, dreaming of things I'd love to be doing at home, but knowing that this is where I really need to be today. I remember times when I've been hospitalized and the most comfort and peace that I experienced was when C was at my bedside. So I imagine that Mom, at 90, feels that way even moreso! How about you? Have you felt uneasy when hospitalized and comforted to have a family member or friend sit there with you?

So here's where I'd love to be:

In my garden!! Some of my foxgloves, Baptisia and roses, just blooming their little hearts out!

Here's one of our resident Brown Thrashers (the state bird of Georgia I might add) snacking under one of C's many birdfeeders. C makes suet 2-3 times a week, feeding our feathered friends his special gourmet blend of peanut butter, lard, raisins, whole wheat flour, corn meal, and other secret ingredients.

I feed the hummingbirds and keep the birdbath clean. C does the rest. This particular feeder is on our lakeside patio, just outside the slider from where we eat our meals. We get to see some incredible birds and it's great fun!

Better quit...Mama's awake!



Eva Hagbjärn said...

Can’t be” fun” to stay at hospital under any circumstances. I have luckily only done that twice in my life but not because I was sick.

The first time was in 1968 I was 17 and often had bad headaches, so my doctor wanted to investigate what it was. They didn’t found out what it was but I know that I have suffered of migraine from I was about 14 until a couple of years ago when it suddenly disappeared =))))

The second time was for one month before I got my twins in 1975. Both of the times I felt alone and abandoned even though there were two or more people in the same room.

Give her my best regards and a big hug and tell her that I’m thinking of her!

XO Eva

joyce said...

Family means so much when you are hospitalized and I think even more so when you get older. I hope she feels better soon and you can get back to your garden.

Gerrie said...

I love having anyone who wanted to be there, but I especially love Mr C to be there and my former associate rector, Pat, Lisa. I am sure your mother needs you more than the flower beds. I hope she can get restored enough to have the surgery. I am also happy to hear that the red cross brings you comfort.

eva hagbjärn said...

Hi Judy, thank you for your email. I received this message from my localhost today when I asked them why I couldn't send emails to you without getting them back:
"User mailbox exceeds allowed size".


Linda said...

Your note on Rayna's blog led me to this entry. My own mom is in and out of intensive and skilled care, 7 1/2 hours away from here. Even when we come down, she does not want us near her --- or seems not to; it is so hard to tell. Still, the heart wants to be near, so we feel sad when we are far away, and sad when we make the journey.

Illness is so hard, and hospitals are harder (no place to get well, I say). All best wished for you mother's peace and, hopefully, recovery.

Judy said...

Thank you for leaving a message. I think misery loves company, don't you? I tried to find an address to email you, but couldn't, so I am commenting on my own blog, in hopes that you will return and read it. I'm sorry to read about your mother...I cannot imagine having to drive so far, but I suppose I would do it too. Take care and keep in touch.