Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Caution: Shopping can be hazardous to your health!

Well, I should have known that that shopping trip was too good to be true! I got a call mid morning from the nurse at Mom's assisted living facility saying that she was in bed with severe abdominal pain. I was doused in bug spray and a bit of perspiration not to mention a fair amount of garden dirt, so C hopped in the car and went to investigate while I hopped into the shower. I managed to get an appointment with her internist and then took off to get her dressed for the Dr's. Making a long story a bit shorter, we ultimately ended up in the emergency room at our local medical center where Mom was poked, prodded, pummelled, and (hmmmm, is there a "p word" for ultrasound and catscan???) photographed. OK, here's the "P word": Pancreatitis! GROAN! The obvious conclusion would be that Mom is a heavy drinker, but at 90??? I don't think so!!! It's her Gall Bladder!! Ah Ha!!! So dear sweet Miss Ruth is in the hospital enjoying hospital gowns and IV drugs for the next few days..........don't worry, she'll be in her own gown tomorrow! In a few weeks they'll remove that nasty Gall Bladder via the lovely laparoscope, and then she'll be fit as a fiddle once more!!!

Here is Kristin with Mom on her 90th birthday.....not even a month ago. At that point I hadn't figured out the image stabilization on my new camera...probably didn't need to explain that!

Boy, what a difference a day makes!!!



Shirley Goodwin said...

Hope your Mom gets well soon. She looks pretty good for 90!

joyce said...

I hope your Mom handles the surgery as well as she handled yesterday's shopping. She looks amazingly fit in the photo.

eva said...

Poor "Miss Ruth"! Hope she'll be without pain until the surgery. Please tell her that I'm thinking of her and give her a big hug from me!

Gerrie said...

Oh, I am so sorry! What did you feed her at lunch? I am sending good thoughts and prayers for your mom. Hope all goes well.