Thursday, July 26, 2007

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels!

Yesterday began beautifully and I was most productive. It was another cool, cool morning here in northeast Georgia! I was having lunch with my girlfriend Shiela when my cell began to ring. It was Kristin, telling me that their home had just been broken into! I was so stunned and shocked that after I got off the phone with her, I just continued to chat with Shiela and eat my salad. My good friend looked at me and said "You've gotta go!". She had to say it about three times before the reality set in, and then I was movin' fast. It was doubly bad for Kristin because Dave is out of the country right now on business, so she was faced with handling this by herself. I called her back and said we'd be on our way just as soon as we threw some overnight things in a bag. She was relieved. By the time we did get to their house, she had taken care of everything. I am so proud of my most capable and level-headed daughter!!! Thank heavens their burglar alarm sounded, because it must have scared away the intruders before they could take too much. And fortunately they didn't ransack or senselessly destroy things. Still and all, it is such an invasion of privacy. I hope that the police detectives will be able to find the perpetrators, as this is not the first break-in in their cute little neighborhood.

Here are some pics from my most recent discharge session with Sunlight dishwasher gel. I'm somewhat pleased.

The fabric in these first two pics is a piece that I started in my surface design class with Rayna Gillman last Fall at John C. Campbell Folk School. I had batiked on this cotton, using a wood block of my own and also an electric tjanting that Rayna's friend Helene had graciously lent to the class.

I used some of that blue painter's tape and just placed strips of it across the fabric. I like how it looks like shadows.

I adore this next piece. I used my foam star stamp and just dabbed the gel onto it and then stamped away on the black fabric. I also made some small curlicews with my foam brush. What do you think?

On this next piece, I had spread the gel over my tabletop (yes, plastic-covered) and then made some squiggly lines with the wooden end of my foam brush.

I would have liked more contrast - more black. So now I know exactly what to do!

Here's the same piece, just another view:

And last of all, my very most favorite piece:

Isn't it cool? Here it is again:

Thanks for dropping by to take a peek at my work.

When you think of it, please say a little prayer for our girl. This is a tough, tough time for her: working full time, going to grad school at night, having to manage everything with her sweet husband away from home. It isn't easy, but then that's life, right!!



Jeannie said...

Sending cyber hugs to your daughter and son-in-law. They sure have had a rough couple of weeks. Your discharge fabrics are wonderful! Keep playing and having fun. Cheers

Maria said...

Oh, that's horrible that someone broke into Kristin and Dave's house =( It is indeed an invasion of privacy, even if they didn't go through their stuff. I hope she will "feel better" soon!

joyce said...

Your dyeing turned out really well. I can sympathize with your daughter, having been broken into once. We were renting a holiday apartment and nothing was taken because we scared the thief away, but we didn't enjoy the resto f our holiday much because of it.

eva h said...

Poor Kirstin and Dave. Hope the police will get the intruders soon.
Strange that people not are able to tell apart what's mine and whats their's.

Lots of HUGS to Kristin and Dave. We are thinking of you!!
xo Eva

Gerrie said...

Oh yuck! It is so much more than the actual break in - the feeling of being violated is hard to shake. You are a good mom to go and add your support.

Amanda said...

So sorry about your dd. Love your discharge pieces. I love doing that. I soak mine in vinegar to stop the action and it reminds me of dyeing Easter Eggs.