Tuesday, July 24, 2007

New Wheels for John!

Our friend John got a new car today, and we were thrilled when he brought it by to show us:

It is a Honda Element, and I believe the color is called Metallic Tangerine. Isn't it a beauty! I am so in love with this car and its versatility. I hope that by the time I am ready to trade in my little Volvo, Honda will be making a hybrid Element.

Here's John (oh, and Barker too!) just as proud as can be of his new baby:

I love how the front and back doors open apart, so it is easier to get in and out of the back seat:

Did you notice the cute little step there on the side? It's very stylish!!

C got in to see how his 6'3" frame fit behind the wheel:

He had lots of room. And then we encouraged him to sit in the backseat to check out his leg room with the driver's seat all the way back:

He still had room! And look who was in the driver's seat!!!

John has a thriving floral arrangement business here in town, and this car is just perfect for him and his deliveries. Look how the back opens up and the backseats fold up on the sides. The thick rubber mat will be easy to keep clean, just in case an arrangement gets tipsy in the back. That is Troy, John's partner, adjusting the other backseat.

Here's one last view of my newest love interest:

I seriously hope that Honda will make a Hybrid Element in the next few years. It just makes so much cents!!

I spent the morning gardening....it was cool and overcast, so incredibly rare for July in Georgia! I was lovin' it! This afternoon, after several stops in town and a visit with John and Troy, I did some more discharging. Hopefully I'll have some good pics for you tomorrow! Now it's off to dinner: corn on the cob, fruit salad, summer squash, green beans and C's famous smoked Baby Back Ribs! YUMMMMM!


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Eva Hagbjärn said...

A very nice car =)
Have you seen Skoda's Roomster? It's also a very spacious and versatility car.
Anna and Ronnie thought about to buy one, but instead they bought a Volkswagen Golf Plus which also is very spacious and practical.
xo Eva