Sunday, July 15, 2007

Dog Day

Yesterday morning C, Barker and I enjoyed our usual walk through the Midtown neighborhood that we have grown to love, visited the Green Market at Piedmont Park where we picked up a couple of yummy pastries at the Bread Garden booth, and then enjoyed them and coffee at an outdoor table at Caribou. That has become a fun Saturday morning routine.
Afterwards, we hopped in the car and went to MetroFresh for the Saturday Morning Soup Sale. Barker and I waited in the car while C went in to make the selections:
As C came out of MetroFresh, he was greeted by this site:

And then Barker and I were greeted by this cold soup selection:Mango Strawberry and Prickly Pear. MMMMMMMMMMMMM!
Great summer soups!
Then C went next door to pick up a few provisions at Trader Joe's. It was another Portlandish day, cool and showery, so Barker and I were very content in the car:

Barker began to be concerned about the whereabouts of his master:

Looks like he's almost too big for his car seat!
I continued to be content with my latest Cloth, Paper, Scissors
Barker kissed my elbow several times so that I'd turn around and take his pic
Then we motored on down to K and D's to take a peek at their new Ikea couch:

Pretty snazzy, eh?!!
On our way north through Little Five Points, we passed this little limo:

Only in Little Five Points!!!

Hope your day was fun too!



joyce said...

What a nice relaxing way to spend Satruday morning. Here we are having a lot of rain. Like nearly every day for a couple of months. We are over it. Generally our summers are dry and sunny. I am missing the bright sunshine.

Eva Hagbjärn said...

What a dog! He looks so human, funny and clever ;)
K & D's IKEA couch Kramfors looks very nice and comfortable.
Do you have an IKEA store nearby?
I just LOVE to visit IKEA!
I don't need to buy things, just look and feel the atmosphere.

Deb said...

I love a dog with dignity....

Gerrie said...

I adore Barker and I want one of my own. I am driving Mr C nuts with my chatter about standard poodles and their wonderful character. I think Maggie could get along with one if I introduce them properly.