Saturday, July 14, 2007

The Day of Discharge

Some results from my Day of Discharge:
This first piece was a blue hand-dye upon which I placed a stork stencil and then painted the discharge paste over the top. The stencil is quite elaborately cut, but as you can see, the discharge paste ran through the cuts and joined forces below. It's ok, there is still the faint image of a stork:
but the stork appears to be laying a huge brown egg as he flies across my fabric!
This next piece is one that I layed some blue painter's tape on my silk screen and then dragged the discharge paste across:

It is interesting to me that my blue hand-dyes discharge to such a chocolately brown. Too much paste on the screen on the left, too little on the screen on the right? Where is the happy medium here?

Ah, now the piece below is yet another blue hand-dye that I twisted up, bound with rubber bands, and then painted the exterior surfaces with the discharge paste:

I was sure that this next piece was going to be my all time favorite! When I first applied the discharge paste to this green piece of hand-dye, it turned a beautiful purple. I had applied torn bits of blue painter's tape to the fabric surface. Some areas of the fabric are still interesting, but not as much as I had initially hoped.

Here is the orangey-limey hand-dye that I had second thoughts about discharging at all:

This is the one that I applied the fern to, as well as the oak leaves, and then did the squiggles with the syringe full of discharge paste. I love the results and know that it will be used in an interesting piece someday. Below you can easily pick out the ferns. The rather large blob in the middle was due to a bit of an extra hard push on the syringe plunger....what can I say, I was excited!!

And here's another favorite:

This piece was again, blue, but then I applied discharge paste to bubble wrap and just rolled it across the fabric (a la Deb Roby, I think). I love how the blig blobs came out!

And now for my black t-shirt. My shadow got into the picture a bit below. I had just bubble-wrapped the tee's back and layed it out in the sun on the lawn to dry:

Here it is after laundering and ironing:

and a closeup:
almost looks like grapes, doesn't it! And here's the front:

There are now two layers of discharging on this tee. Where the leaves from day 2 overlap with day 1, the fabric is even lighter (duhhh!). I think I may try another layer on top of these two. What do you think?

So, there you have day of discharge.



Debra said...

Will you be overdying that discharged tshirt? I often to that (though I normally start from white shirts that have dyed), and I love the results.

You need to somehow visually tie the images from the back to the front and back again...

Vicki W said...

What a fund day of experiments! I love the effect of the bubble wrap on the T.

English Maestra said...

my dad has been gone 17 years and i still miss him too. i know what you mean.
BTW, what WAS that stuff in your refrigerator???
the dyeing is beautiful. did you really use bubble wrap? sj

Gerrie said...

I must get some black t-shirts to play with. The nature of discharge is that you get surprises. Depends on overdying, dye mix, type of discharge, etc. That is what I love. Then if you don't like it - dip it in dye again!!

Beverly said...

Ooh, you've given me some ideas for more mark-making tools to use with discharge and dye! I like what you got, I am going to have to try more discharge with my hand-dyes. Thanks!!