Thursday, July 19, 2007

Doves and Discharges

We're at the condo tonight and darned if I didn't forget my powercord for my laptop, so this'll be a quicky!

There are many large planters hanging along the walkways along our courtyards, and look what we found in one of them as we were taking Barker out for a walk this evening:

Here is the proud Mama.........apparently she doesn't feel that photogenic these days!

I washed and ironed my latest group of discharged fabrics today, and I really like these. This first one is the muddy chocolate brown one that I first began discharging with the oak leaf and just plain dishwasher gel. The following day I decided to add the turquoise dye. Look how neat it is now:

I'm not exactly sure why there are all of the "bubbles" in the discharge, but I know that the gel wasn't totally adhering to the leaves. Was it the high humidity? At first I thought it was just happening with the young leaves, but these leaves are larger and had been around the block a time or two, so I don't know the reason. Any ideas?

And look at this one, isn't it cool! Once again, I've got the turquoise dye in the dishwasher gel. Yummmmm!!

Nighty night before my battery dies!!!



joyce said...

I like the way the leaves turned out a bit bubbly. I may be trying some dishwasher gel this weekend. How long did you leave it on, overnight? It is supposed to be HOT this weekend (+37 or nearly 100). Will that make it work faster or slow things down?

Gerrie said...

I was using discharge paste which in and of itself is less bubbly and adheres better because of the alginate. I think it is just the nature of the dishwasher gel and adding the dye - you kind of make abubbly mixture, as that is the nature of dishwashing detergents - right? That is my story and I am sticking to it. I like the bubbly look. i use soft scrub. I will have to try adding some dye to that.

eva h said...

Lovely colors, especially the green. That's "my" color!

tina said...

Judy I haven't looked at your blog in a week. You have done some nice creations. Love the "cell" Your lastest discharge are great.
I found a nest and eggs in our spider hanging plant. It was a wren. The bluebird eggs on my blog are in a bluebird house in the back yard.
Well keep up the good work.