Monday, July 23, 2007

Monday Monday

WOW! We are having the most increcible weather this summer! I'm not sure who's climate this is supposed to be, but we are enjoying it immensely! It was so cool last night that C had the den door open while we were watching the ballgame, and I had to put a sweater and socks on to stay warm! I ended up sleeping in said socks all night! So, I'm thinking this is Portland weather.........thanks, Gerrie!

After being a good but rather boring girl this morning (cleaning the house - yuck!), I rewarded myself with studio time this afternoon! I have several irons in the fire, but the discharging bug keeps nibbling at me, and I can't let it go!

Here is a before picture of a piece that I'm fairly certain I used fabric paint on in my week with Sue Beevers at John C. Campbell Folk School:

It was one of the first pieces I "worked on", and it has never sung to me, so I thought I'd see what, if anything, discharging would do. I applied some painters tape, and then slapped on a mixture of dishwasher gel and turquoise dye:

So above you can see it with the tape and dye, and below, you can see it after washing, drying and ironing:

It's a bit better, but still needs some oooomph.

This is my favorite piece from today. Unfortunately, I have no before shot of it, but I will bore you with three of the after shots. I'm smitten with this one:

I love the deeper rosey red lines on it and the green. This piece was pretty much all red when I started with it. Where shall I go from here? Any suggestions? Speak up, don't be shy!!

The other afternoon, I glanced out the window and saw a rather odd site. At first I couldn't figure out what it was, so I ran to the spotting scope and realized that it was a hawk taking a bath in the lake. Isn't it nice to know that hawks also like to be clean!

Here he is just after totally dunking himself in the lake:

This shot was just before he took off up into one of the nearby trees:

For the second year in a row, our neighbors George and Barbara have had hawks nest in one of their trees. I feel sure that this is one of the babies, who has staked out its claim in our side yard. Oh joy!



joyce said...

Both pieces turned out really well. The red almost seems to look watery. I'm not sure where I would go from there. I'm sure you'll come up with something wonderful.

Gerrie said...

You live in such a bucolic place. I love the pinky/rosy one. Did you use discharge paste or cleanser for the turquoise attempt?