Monday, July 02, 2007

Star Gazers

We spent last night in Atlanta and when we arrived home this afternoon, look what I found blooming:

I love my Star Gazer Lilies, but am rarely here to enjoy them. Being home on the 4th of July is truly a treat for me!!

While we were in Atlanta, we dropped off a huge bag of our much loved but no-longer-needed clothes at our favorite thrift shop, and look what I found:

This darling beaded, silk shantung camisole was only $12.95!! I was off checking out a few other things while C was having it rung up, and Josh, the male clerk with whom we are quite good friends, looked at the cami, glanced over at me, looked at C, winked, and said, "Hmmmm, kinda revealing, isn't it?" C told him that I would probably cut it up and make a purse out of it...and he's right!!

Here are a couple of close ups:

Nice, huh!

Happy Independence Day !!


joyce said...

The camisole will make a gorgeous purse. Imagine having all that beading already done for you!

Shelby said...

oh it's gorgeous!! :)

Love you blog - found your through the blogroll at blogging chicks.. take care!

Patsy said...

That beaded piece is beautiful!!! I love rummaging thrif stores for textiles!!!
You do beautiful work!!!
Funny thing......I ended up on your blog this morning and when I saw your picture realized you had posted to mine a month or so back!!! I did some fabric dying and you loved the black/white & thought it was resist.