Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Happy Anniversary

It's Dave and Kristin's Third Anniversary!! I can't believe the years are going by so quickly!
Here we were just before the ceremony:

She looked thrilled to be severing the ties, didn't she!

And rightly so, Dave is such a wonderful person! Here they are:

Mr. & Mrs. Dave Curylo:

Happy Anniversary !!
Here's the latest progress on the fence:

C and his friend Bob are dismantling the back portion of our pool patio fence. I've lost a beautiful Autumn Clematis and a Confederate Jasmine, but the old fence really had to go!

There's Bob watching as C drives off with a truckload of old fence. Bon Voyage!!
I spent the morning pruning and cutting down overgrown shrubs in preparation for the defencing. I think I'm really going to like the light and airy look of the new garden area. The guys took down a huge juniper that had been blocking our view of some of the azaleas and a lovely Crepe Myrtle. Of course, Barker was busy supervising all of the deconstruction! The new fence posts will be erected on Friday, and then the fencing begins in earnest.

Such a pretty view of the lake. It's a shame that a fence has to block part of it!




Gerrie said...

You need Mr C to come for a visit! I am pooped. Gotta run to the store for more food. I can't seem to get organized with all the coming and going.

Shelby said...

Happy Fourth to you!

eva h said...

Lovely pictures of Kristin, Dave, Craig and your self.
I sent anniversary wishes to Kristin and Dave in an E-mail yesterday ;-)

Oh, so the men did stick on your memory card!
Just joking =))))))
Thank you for sharing it with us.

XO Eva