Thursday, August 09, 2007

Tuesday Afternoon on the Dock

I like to spend my afternoons on our little swim dock, reading, taking pics and jumping into the lake for an occasional dip. Tuesday afternoon was no different from many others in my Squam memory bank.

The guys on the outdoor crew were removing our old swim float and installing a brand new one. I was sad to see the old weathered one depart, but the new one smells so good when I swim around it.........ya know, that lovely smell of fresh cut wood! MMMMMMM

Kristin came out to do a bit of work on her laptop:

To our left, there was a lovely little wooden dingy moored out away from its owner's dock:

Dave was out in our sunfish enjoying the afternoon breeze. He's the handsome dude to the right, with the blue and green sail.

There he is again:

Kristin and Dave went off to play some tennis, and then C came down to join me on the dock:

As you can see, it was beginning to cloud up a bit.

I took one last swim, waddled up to the cabin for a shower before dinner, and glanced out the window to see my tribe lounging around on the new swim float.

Ahhhhhhhhhhh, family vacations!

Yesterday was our friend Thomas' 26th birthday. We've known and enjoyed him and his family for many years, so were delighted to be included in his birthday lunch at Beidermann's Deli in Plymouth, NH. Thomas teaches photography in Jackson Hole and had to go back home today. We miss you Thomas!!!



Eva Hagbjärn said...

Oh, what a wonderful and relaxing time you all seem to have. I’ll admit that I’m a bit jealous of you.
We have had the worst summer in years here in Sweden.
First it was raining for weeks and weeks and now we have +30 °C, 86 °F, and sometimes more. This morning we had a terrible thunderstorm.
Wish it could be just right. I don’t like it when it’s too hot. Around +20 °C, 68 ° F, is enough for me ;-)
I hope you will have a continuous nice and lovely time together with your family and friends.

Plain Jane said...

what a delightful family vacation! your pics capture an idyllic time!