Tuesday, August 07, 2007

What a Difference a Day Makes

We are having such a wonderful time here on Squam Lake in New Hampshire! Our kids are here with us, plus our cousins Heather, Scott and Catherine. There are also other folks nearby whom we have become friendly with over the years, and it is always great to see them all again!
Our internet connection here is very slow, so I don't have the luxury of reading as many of my favorite blogs as I'd like, answering all of my emails, or posting as many photos on my blog as I'd like, but there are always pluses and minuses in life, and a slow internet is easy to live with while in paridise!

So here are some pics from the past few days. I'll begin with Sunday's photo session on our little dock:

Sunday afternoon was pristine and lovely.........just like I always remember every day on Squam to be! The air was a cool/warm mix, there was a slight breeze, and I could sit outside in the shade sketching and photographing the world around me! There is our canoe in the foreground, our swim float a ways out, and Red Hill in the background.

Looking down the lake and using my telephoto, I could pick up this distant swim float and some colorful sailboats:

Here is another shot along the shoreline:

It was such a pretty afternoon, that most everyone was out enjoying the day. That evening, K & D went out for a paddle in the canoe just before dark:

Monday (yesterday) morning dawned nice and cool, so C and I took our usual walk and swim before breakfast. Shortly after, while I was checking my emails, it began to rain, and that nonsense went on all afternoon. It got downright chilly, and when I got back to our cottage from the office/library, the wood stove was cranked up and our livingroom looked like a library! What a studious crowd!! We walk about a half mile to our meals in the diningroom, so it was not for the faint of heart yesterday, slogging along the dirt road. I do love it and wouldn't change a thing!!!

And then last evening, the rain stopped and the sky began to clear:

I caught that shot from our porch just as our neighbor was coming in from a rainy afternoon of fishing.

Today is another sunny day, and the younger members of our crowd are off playing tennis. We had a lovely breakfast which included blueberry pancakes, freshly squeezed orange juice, and fresh fruit with yogurt. YUMMMMM!!!

The French President is one lake south of us...I'm so glad he's not here on Squam. When they filmed "On Golden Pond" here back in the 70's, the excitement nearly ruined the area. Fortunately, the folks here recognize their treasure, and they have chosen to keep it that way. When we first came here 24 years ago, the manager would so aptly say, "Welcome back to your spirit's home". Where is your piece of paridise?

Hope all is well with you.



joyce said...

That place looks like a treasure indeed. Hopefully you get nice weather to enjoy it.

Eva Hagbjärn said...

What lovely and peaceful pictures. Looks just like the Swedish archipelago.
Hope you will have continues good weather.

Linda Branch Dunn said...

My family used to spend a month - a MONTH! - on Lake Winnepesauke. Your pictures bring back such memories. I still go there in my dreams.