Wednesday, August 22, 2007

"What Will You Do....

with your one wild and precious life"...... Mary Oliver

I've begun subscribing to the Textile Arts Resource Guide and find it rather interesting. Today's post is about Mary Holdgrafer, a breast cancer survivor and quilt artist. I like what she has to say and I love her work. You can visit her website here. Ooodles and ooodels of food for thought.

Did you ever have the feeling that you were being watched? I've felt that way for the past couple of days, and during my lunch today, I figured out why. A mourning dove Mama is sitting on her nest high up in the river birch tree outside of windows overlooking our diningroom and my sewing room. I've been reorganizing my sewing room, and have moved the table that houses my machine so that I am now in a direct line with the dove's nest.

I've zoomed in on Mama on the nest, and if you look ever so carefully you can pick out her tail over on the right side. Normally she is looking right down on me, but of course she would not, could not cooperate when I had the camera ready!

While Mama Dove was watching me, I was quilting away on my complex cloth. Thanks for all of your positive responses to that piece...feel like I'm finally getting somewhere! I can't wait to do some of this on silk!! WooHoo!! Anyway, here are a couple of pics of the's slow going, but I've decided to let the piece guide my hands, and so I'm not putting too much thought into it.



Gerrie said...

I love the quilting you are doing - tres magnifique! I'm going to check out the website.

joyce said...

The quiling you are doing looks great. It is inspiring.