Tuesday, September 25, 2007

And Away I Go!

I made a brand new bag for the Fall/Winter season:

I loved my Amy Butler Dorothy Bag that I made last Spring. I used it all summer long, and found the size to be very adequate: not too big to lose everything in, and yet large enough to hold what I really needed! I've quilted it, a la Emily Parsons, and this time around I added some inner pockets to corral my cell phone, my Palm, and a pen and pencil:

So, I'll let you know how good a travelling companion it is on my little trip north!

A few last pics of my patio garden before I head for the shower. My little lettuce patch:

C brought home 3 broccoli sets a couple of weeks ago (2 are in the foreground) and last Thursday he gifted me with 4 brussels sprouts sets (two are in the background):

The Cilantro is coming along famously:

And here's the Arugula:

And the little guy that started it all, my volunteer tomato plant:

I hope that those babies will be ripe by the time I get home next week!

Here's a Gerber Daisy just about ready to bloom. I think it may be gone by when I get back home. Hope C will remember to water it!!

Off to the shower!!



Eva Hagbjärn said...

Love your bag! The colors, the design, the pattern...guess what I will say is:
"It's perfect!

Have a nice trip ;)
xo Eva

joyce said...

The bag is very cute. I may have to make a similar one, not that I don't already have more bags than I can ever use.

Gerrie said...

You are so lucky to be off to another workshop! Love the bag. And I am envious of the winter garden. I am waiting for Mr C to get raised beds installed. It will probably be next year.

Rayna said...

Tomatoes?? Ah, the south...
Great bag! You are such a busy bee it makes me feel like a sloth.