Monday, September 10, 2007

Emmaus House

Today I tagged along with our church's Outreach Committee on a trip to visit Emmaus House in the inner city of Atlanta. Emmaus House, a ministry of the Episcopal Diocese of Atlanta, was founded in the mid-sixties, and provides "hope and hospitality" for those in this neighborhood. I was a member of our outreach committe for years but recently retired. C was its chairman for several years, but is now just a veteran member, who loves anything to do with community outreach. Several years ago Claiborne Jones, the Vicar and Director of Emmaus House, spoke at our Wednesday night program, and I have been interested in taking part in their programs ever since. They offer so much to both the elderly and the youth. I want to get plugged in, but just don't know where!
Here's their beautiful sign along the corner of Hank Aaron Drive and Haygood Street........just a few blocks from Turner Field.

Stephanie Coble, their Assistant for Volunteers and Facilities, explained to us that their wall along the sidewalk used to be covered with graffitti, so they redid it with painted blocks and handprints of the kids who frequent Emmaus House. Isn't it lovely!

I was quite taken by this cross at the entrance to one of the five buildings on their campus:

Here's a closeup:
That pretty much says it all, doesn't it?!!

This is a beautiful tapestry in their chapel:

Another beautiful piece in their chapel:

Here we all are outside of the house:

With all of that touring around at Emmaus House, we'd worked up an appetite, so it was pretty much unanimous when somebody (was it Faye or C?) who suggested we drop by the Varsity for lunch:


That was my lunch - plus a diet coke! (Fortunately I couldnt' quite get through the second slaw dog!)

Here's what my friend Durwood had:



joyce said...

I love the art with handprints. I'm sure the kids will go back many times to find their own print. The food is making me hungry!

Gerrie said...

How many points was that lunch - hee!

Emmaus House seems like a wonderful place.