Friday, September 07, 2007

Summer in the City

It's still summer, right? It felt nice and cool this morning when we set out on our walk through Midtown. C, Barker and I like to take the little dirt alley-ways when we can...sort of makes you feel like you're in the country when you're actually right in the heart of Midtown Atlanta. This morning I decided to bring my camera along for the walk. This sign always cracks us up:

And then we noticed this one (Barker was not amused):

After 45+ minutes of alleys and tree-lined neighborhood streets, we headed for our favorite breakfast haunt,

Barker just walks right into the patio area now, because he feels so welcomed and at home (they bring him a bowl of water and two biscuits before they bring us water and coffee!):

One of the things that I really appreciate about Babs is the little garden area in front. Not only do they grow a lot of their own herbs, but they also have tomato plants, a grape arbor, beautiful roses and bird feeders. Take a peek:

The cook is always accomodating, making C's all-time favorite breakfast: lox, eggs and onions, and catering to my nonegg predelection. This morning I opted for bagels and lox:
I had already begun to dismantle my plate when I thought to take a picture, but it's still pretty! Notice the tomatoes: fresh out of their garden!! MMMMMM, they were so sweet! I love that they gave me so much lox....I have a doggie bag but it's not for Barker! I also love the abundance of capers! Thanks guys, it was a great breakfast, as always!!
As we arrived back at the condo, Kristin called and asked if we could meet her for lunch at MetroFresh.........well, yeah! Now that's a no-brainer! C wasn't hungry after his huge breakfast, but I managed to squeeze in some yummy cold spicy melon soup and shared an oatmeal butterscotch cookie with Kristin for dessert. OK, come on now, I had a Diet Coke, so the cookie was ok, right?
Here's our lovely centerpiece:
Yesterday, before we left "home", I managed to do a bit of silk painting. I'm slowly but surely working my way through Jane Dunnewold's "Complex Cloth" and have started to play around with silk rather than cotton. Here's a silk charmeuse scarf that I had first screened with a gold water soluble resist, then I sprayed it with a Lumiere turquoise, then overdyed with a Procion MX blue:

It's pretty stiff.............I wouldn't recommend it!

Now this one's a winner:

This is some habotai that I screened (with the same screen as the charmeuse scarf above), painted with some green paint, let dry, ironed, and then overdyed with some red Procion MX. I'm pretty happy with the results!

And then this (below) is a piece of charmeuse that I screened with clear watersoluble resist (same screen again), let dry, and then sprayed with some fabric paint:

This is a work in progress............if it turns out just gloriously I'll post some pictures!!



joyce said...

How nice to have such a nice eating place at the end of your walk. We have to walk 10 miles to the nearest restaurant. Just a bit too far.
The silk scarves are turning out really nice. Makes me feel like digging out my silk dyes again.

Eva Hagbjärn said...

What a nice way to start the day. You guys really enjoy life, completely.
Me my self is a real sloppy when it comes to take care of my self.
Have to learn that,...some day ;)

xo Eva

Gerrie said...

I love that linear screen design. Is it torn masking tape? Don't ya just love working with silk - mmmm! I am making progress on the Journal Quilt.

Rayna said...

Love that blue one on the bottom. Judy -- you always post the most appetizing food pix!