Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Having Fun!!

Another lovely morning here in Northeast Georgia! MMMMMMMMMM, gotta love it! I've survived one more hot and humid summer, so it's nothing but cooler weather here on out for about ten months! YeHaw!!!

When I first looked out at the lake this morning, the steam was rising, and I just had to get a picture to share with you guys:

I hope you took notice of not only my wonderful new fence, but also the darling little sign that Kristin gave me years and years ago: "Close the Damn Gate"!! I just love that sign. ;-)

Right above where I was taking this picture, there was a lot of squaking going on in the tree. I think it's a huckleberry tree, but I'm not sure. The berries are rather large and blue and just getting ripe now. Normally it is very popular with my feathered friends in October, so I am surprised that they have found it so soon. Anyway, here is one little happy fellow getting a tummy full of sweet, ripe berries:

Anybody know what he is???

I've been doing some more complex cloth studies from Jane Dunnewold's book of the same name, and thought I'd share a couple of pieces and the steps that these fabrics go through to become what they become. This piece has been folded accordion style and clamped, dyed first in a dye bath of red, and then again in orange:

I had a difficult time messing with it anymore because I really liked the effect that I had gotten, but I pressed on! I placed a few found objects on top of the fabric and then sprayed household bleach on it. Here it is after laundering, pressing, and immersion dyeing in some red violet:

Then I stamped it with some yellow paint and screen printed it with gold:

I love the end result. I may add some foil....what do you think???? Ultimately I will probably make it into a quilted handbag..........think it would be quite striking.

Now this piece began as yellow and then was overdyed with turquoise. I was hoping for a more chartreusey result, but then this dyeing business is a bit unpredictable for me!

Then I did a bit of discharging, and overdyed it once again with a blue:

(see the little discharged fishies swimming across the bottom?)

After more laundering, I came back in and did a bit of stamping, which I doubt that you can see, and then I added some screenprinting in copper.

I've gotta tell you, I hated this piece after the first few steps, but it is beginning to grow on me! Where will it end up? Maybe a purse, or perhaps a quilt. Any ideas?????



Eva Hagbjärn said...

I agree about the weather. It's nice when it gets a little cooler in the air and you can breath again.
When it comes to your fabrics I liked the first and fourth picture, before you had done anything else with it. Sorry!
But then I'm, as you know, no expert.
Perhaps you can make a small toilet-bag or make-up-bag.
Got a bit inspired of the cute little fishes ;)

joyce said...

I could never have gone any farther on the first piece. It was soo nice. However, the finished product was also great so it was worth it in the end. I have a hard time doing more on a piece that I already like.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Judy! I gotta agree that the first piece, the orange and red accordion, is gorgeous! By the way, I love your blog!
Carol (your sister-in-law)