Thursday, September 06, 2007

Durwood Pepper

Remember this name: Durwood Pepper, for one day he will be famous! Durwood and his partner Jim are friends of ours, and Durwood is a fabulous folk artist. He was a good friend of R. A. Miller, and at times you will see similarities in their work. Here's Durwood painting a chicken this afternoon when we dropped by their house to check out his flowers:

C had promised me one of Durwood's flowers for my birthday (last May), but for some reason we never got around to going over to pick one out, so we thought today would be the day. Here is one of his flowers:

Don't you love those bright, bright colors and the movement in the petals!

I've already got one of Durwood's chickens, but here's another chick with real attitude:

And some more fabulous flowers:

I forgot to ask Durwood and Jim about these guys:

And here's a cute ballerina chicken:

So what did I bring home? Nada, zilch, nothing! Bummer!!! Actually, practicality ruled over that is something new and different!! I've decided I want to plant a Durwood garden at the condo....ahhhhh, one that I don't have to water! YESSS!!! So, I am measuring the height of my balcony railing, and figuring out just how many flowers our balcony can accomodate without being too crowded, and then we'll return and place our order.

Don't forget: Durwood Pepper...........oh, and by the way, he is an excellent meat cutter! We buy our meats exclusively from Durwood!



joyce said...

A Durwood garden that needs no care sounds like just the thing. And beautiful too!

Karoda said...

I love to know of artist who can make recycling look this fun and delightful! And a Durwood garden sounds cool!