Monday, September 03, 2007

Laboring...or not

This was one of our vegetable side dishes the other night for dinner.

The okra (yes, I said okra!) was such a bright green after a couple of minutes in the skillet, that I thought it would make a pretty picture. Being a Yankee, I was a bit averse to eating, much less preparing okra when we first moved to the South. I don't know, it's something about the slime factor! Now that we've been here 26 years, I've found several recipes for this southern delicacy that I just cannot do without once it comes into season in late summer. This dish of onions, tomatoes and okra is one of them........and look how pretty it is, it's gotta be healthy!

Yesterday as C and I were eating lunch, we heard the sound of a bird hitting one of our windows. Normally our cat Else is right there (she's such a hunter!), but she must have been off napping, as the bird landed on the patio and just layed there panting to catch its breath. C looked at it quickly and said it was just another pretty goldfinch and walked off. I went outside to take a closer peek and to get it up off of the patio just in case Elsie was lurking around the corner. It was then that I realized it wasn't a goldfinch after all, but something a bit more exotic. Here it is, quite at ease perched on my fingers:

We believe it was a Northern Parula, a type of warbler.

It was very content to sit with me for quite some time, but I finally decided it was time to let it go. What a treat!

Here in the States, we are celebrating Labor Day. I am going out to labor in my garden...weeding and spreading wood chips. We'll grill some burgers for dinner this evening. Happy day wherever you are!



joyce said...

It's a blessing when a wild bird lands on your finger no matter what kind it is! A rare one is even more special.

Plain Jane said...

what a cutie!! and he was so 'tame.' Lucky you. glad you had your camera nearby.