Saturday, September 01, 2007

Puppy Love

Meet Tucker:

Tucker is our new GrandDog, adopted by Kristin and Dave just yesterday afternoon!

Here he is with his big brother Marley, who is not too terribly pleased that Tucker is gnawing on his bone!

Marley has given up and let Tucker play with his rope and ball toy:

Tucker is a German Shepherd mix and is 2 months old. He was adopted from the Fulton County Humane Society. Kristin and Dave hope that he will grow up to be quite large with an enormous and ferocious bark when future intruders come to their door! He is quite charming and personable! I am smitten!!!

On our way home from the city, we often take a country road that passes by this wonderful old barn:

Today I happened to have my camera with me in the front seat of the car, and was able to snap this picture. It doesn't look like it will be standing too much longer, and it is sitting on prime property for a subdivision or strip I may have grabbed this photo op just in time!



DubiQuilts - Debbi said...

Congratulations! Tucker and Marley are very cute.

I too love old barns and for many years have been taking photos of the one we see when we travel. Many of the ones in our area are now subdivision and malls. I guess it is call progress.

Sue B said...

oh my gosh that fuzzy little face! So adorable :)

eva said...

What a cute little Puppy! Hope he will grow up and be as big as Kristin and Dave wants him to be.
Tucker was a good name for him I think. Yes...he definitely looks like a Tucker =)
xo Eva from Sweden

joyce said...

What a cute puppy! Simba, our temporarily adopted dog will be going home to my grandchildren this month so we may be shopping for a new dog in the spring. Simba is a great dog but the world's worst watchdog. He instantly makes friends with everyone who comes in the yard.Nice to get the photo of the old barn while it's still standing.

Plain Jane said...

Tucker is a cutie pie!

Maria said...

Aww, that's nice that they've adopted another dog =) I think Marley will enjoy the company eventually ;-)