Friday, October 12, 2007

A Day of Beauty

Barker went to "Animal House", (the groomer's) yesterday, and "Brenda the wonderful" did him up splendidly, as usual. He looked so handsome when I picked him up that I had to share this shot with you...because boys will be boys, and he's already chased a number of squirrels and pretty much ruffed up his gorgeous locks.

I've been doing a bit of Rozome this week, trying to keep fresh in my mind all that I learned in the wonderful workshop at Pro Chem with Betsy Sterling Benjamin. Here's my favorite piece:

These are leaves that I picked up the other evening when C, Barker and I went for a walk in the neighborhood. I made a stencil with them when we got home. Here's a closeup of that top right leaf:

I am still using my soy wax, because I'm trying to find a thermostatically controlled tempura fryer (any ideas of sources?) for my bees wax and parrafin. I'm also finishing up some of my Tinfix dyes before I mix up my new acid fast dyes (there again, I'm on the lookout for a two burner hot plate for my studio, so that I don't have to mix the dyes in my kitchen).

Here's another scarf that I completed before I did the above leaves scarf:

While I had the soy wax heated up, I did a couple of pieces of childrens' clothing. This first little romper is for the new grandson of some friends of ours. Isn't it cute:

Here's a darling little girl's dress. Wonder where this is going?

Well, I'm on a roll now with the pics, so I may as well show you a couple more! Here's a special order scarf that I completed a few weeks back. I used black resist on it:

Here's one more scarf with black resist:

Durwood and I are taking part in the "One World Music and Arts Festival" at St. Bart's Episcopal Church in Atlanta tomorrow afternoon. If you're in the area, stop by and say hello!



Karoda said...

Judy, we're on the same vibe...I too am looking for a double flat top burner...saw one yesterday at Target for 40 but I want to do much better price wise...I want to play with my beeswax and acid dyes which I've yet to try either...the beeswax is for altered art stuff.

Karoda said...

and i love the scarves! wishing you lotsa fun and sales at the festival too!

Gerrie said...

wow, what beautiful work - Love it all, but the discharged squares have my heart palpitating.

And, Barker, tell hime I just love, love him whether he is fresh from the groomer's or not.

Hope you have a fun week-end.

joyce said...

I totally love the scarves. I melt my wax in a pot set in an electric frying pan half full of water. The water keeps the temp fairly consistent and lessens the danger of fire. If you want a burner I'd suggest thrift stores. It's surprising what you can find there.

PaMdora said...

Oh, I love your dog. Can I draw him? he'd make a great character!
And your dye work is absolutely beautiful, I can't imagine how you do it!

Eva Hagbjärn said...

I just say...I love it all!


Rayna said...

Judy, you never cease to amaze me!
Where do you get your energy? These pieces are beautiful.