Wednesday, October 03, 2007

just a few more pics

I've added a few more pics from the class I just took at Pro Chem with Betsy Sterling Benjamin. I just love this piece, which I think was done by "Judy from Minnesota":

Here is one of Sally's that I thought was pretty cool:

We all got hooked on a technique that Betsy told us was something like "snowstorm"...sorry, can't remember the Japanese term and I'm too lazy to go get my notes. Anyway, you can see where Sally has incorporated it in the piece above inside of her cirlces. Below, another classmate (I think Ann from Delaware?) used it in the background of her lovely piece:

Here is a piece that I tried the snowstorm on, and also another technique for getting a nice dark black. There are actually three layers of snowflakes in mine, a white layer, then a pink layer, and lastly, a green layer. I don't think you can pick them all of up in the pic....and here my piece appears green rather than black, but you can't win 'em all:

Here's another shot of the wonderful building in which Pro Chem lives. Look at the bricked-in windows, the wonderful old stone walls, and the Virginia Creeper (which has started turning red) climbing up the side of the building:

I had started playing around with beadmaking before I left for my class, and the addiction only worsened while away! For the past two evenings I've been rolling and "firing" these little guys. Most are made with silk and a layer of embossing powder:

I've got a date with Mary Jane, my beading friend extraordinaire, this afternoon and we're going to try to fashion some necklaces and earrings from my little "gems". Here's another shot:

And look what finally arrived from the library "hold" list yesterday....only 6 weeks after reserving it:

I took a visit to my old friend Deb Roby's blog last night and found this very fun link: . You can read more about it on Deb's's a lot of fun to take a peak every now and then!

Have a great day!!



Gerrie said...

That looks like a fantastic book. And, of course, I love all the work from your class. I wish you photos were clickable to a larger size!! I think it is doablem, but don't know how!

joyce said...

The work from your class is amazing. I'll be watching to see what you do with the book.

Rayna said...

Wow, Judy! Looks like a fabulous class. How lucky you are to have studied with Betsy - look forward to seeing more.

I am finally catching up with blog-world.