Thursday, October 04, 2007

Happy Fall!

I know, I KNOW!!!! I'm a tad bit late wishing you a happy Fall/Autumn, but that is because it is never really and truly Fall to me until I sink my teeth into my first McIntosh apple of the season and I see these blooming:

These wonderful yellow composites are actually called Swamp Sunflowers, helianthus angustifolius, and can be seen along the backroads of rural Georgia blooming profusely this time of year. My first recollection of them was probably about 15-20 years ago when my friend Joani and I were travelling miles and miles to Goodness Grows, our favorite perennial nursery. We saw the wonderful Swamp Sunflowers everywhere, and were very surprised and delighted when we spotted them for sale in huge buckets at Goodness Grows. I've planted them along the creek that runs into "our" lake and am always delighted when they burst into bloom!

I also love Ironweed, which brings back fond, fond memories of summer vacations spent along the Greenbrier River in West Virginia with C's family. I think the purple and yellow make a great combination (even if they are blurred this morning!).

What makes you know that it's Fall/Autumn? I'm curious, so please share!



joyce said...

The fall colours are what says fall to me. This year they blew off right away and now it almost looks like winter. Good thing the weather is holding.

Eva Hagbjärn said...

What lovely flowers! They look just like small suns.

I know it is fall when the air is high and clear.
The sun warms up the air in the middle of the day.
When the leaves on the tree’s change from green to
orange and yellow and they fall off.
That’s fall for me =)

Gerrie said...

rain, cooler temps and the beautiful colors of the trees. And it has come a tad early, for me, this year.

Karen Hall said...

The smell,
The smell of bonfires,
The smell of fallen leaves,
The smell first thing in the morning of crisp clear air.
The dazzling clarity of the distant mountains - and of course the colours
I love it all