Monday, October 01, 2007


I'm almost home from my whirlwind five days of Rozome classes with Betsy Sterling Benjamin at Pro Chem in Fall River, Massachusetts. What a wonderful experience it was to spend so many days studying this technique under the caring wings of such a learned teacher, surrounded by truly kind and equally ambitious and caring classmates. Our workroom at ProChem was perfect, with lots of space, huge windows providing great light, an airy loading dock where we could wax to our hearts content, and the everpresent (even all weekend) Vicki Jensen, who provided our every want and desire. I won't bore you with every last detail (just yet!), but here are just a few of the many pics I took over the past five days. Blogger is not being too cooperative about uploading my photos, so I'll try to do more later.

Here is the entrance to the building in which Pro Chem is's an old factory building....oh so "Fall River"!!

....and there you see in fine print, "Pro Chem.":

I shared a room at the nearby Hampton Inn with my friend Sally, with whom I had shared a work table at a soy wax rozome class in Nashua, New Hampshire in June. Here's Sally, hard at work one day last week:

Across the hall from us at the Hampton was Anne:

It turns out that Anne has been reading my blog occasionally over the past few months, so she knew a lot about was great for me to meet and get to know her! She makes fabulous you can see in the above photo. Hey Anne, hope you're having a good day!

My photos are by no means in chronological order, as I was just too tired and too busy to blog in the evenings. Here are a few of our many pieces as we were preparing to roll them up for steaming yesterday morning:

My piece is the second from the bottom - the blue and lavender flowers.

Here is one of Sally's beautiful pieces:

This is a Ro-Shibori piece....isn't it fantastic!

I don't remember who the artist is, but she did a great job...the technique isn't as easy as Betsy makes it look, but then we found that to be the case each and every day with every new technique she demonstrated!

I think this is a piece done by Jane....I love it too!

Here's Jane, hard at work designing:

Here's another piece that I just love, but again, I don't know who did it:

I'm closing with a picture of this piece done by Tanya (actually, as you can see she is still working on it!). I love her colors and the way she combined techniques here...there are two areas of Ro-Shibori:

It appears that there should be another picture here, but it isn't showing up, so I can't tell you about it.



joyce said...

All I can say is WOW! I wish I had been there.

Gerrie said...

This work is all stunning. Love it all. I will look forward to seeing more beautiful stuff coming from you. Wish I loved closer to Prochem. They have some great classes.

Vicki W said...

I can't even imagine how much fun that was! I am soooo jealous. Great peice!

Karen Hall said...

I have been wondering how the course was! Sounds like it was really good.
Love the stuff you have posted and look forward to seeing more

Anne P said...

Judy...I had sooo much fun finally meeting you (and all the other great women) at this workshop! So much inspiration, so little time.
I shall continue to be a voyeur - you do wonderful work and you have such a joyful spirit!


Karoda said...

just from the samples it really looks like a great workshop!