Monday, October 22, 2007


Last week I enjoyed several very profitable shopping trips! I normal detest shopping (yes, that is stronger than hate!), but I did so well last week that I may just have to go out and try it again sometime! It's not agorraphobia mind you, I'd just prefer to be home playing with fabric.

What did I find, you are begging me to tell you? Let me begin with the most wonderful Yard Sale find I've ever had!! Here is my brand-new-to me (but never before been used by anyone) ipod docking station with am/fm radio, alarm clock, recharger, yada, yada, yada! $ case you missed my last post!!! I am so thrilled!! I already had a very simple dock in my sewing room, but this little baby is in my dyeing studio, so now I can listen to my audio books while I'm dyeing! Yayyy!!

Here is another incredible find:
This is a 2-burner hot plate that actually accomodates my two stainless bowls that I am using to make up my Japanese dyes! Isn't it lovely?!!!!

And here below I have:

my third, and I might hastily add, my largest thermostatically controlled electric fry pan for heating up my wax. This baby is the family sized edition and will be used exclusively for beeswax and parrafin.

Here are two of my dye solutions happily simmering away:

I suppose most women would be happiest with a new item of clothing, but that seems to take a back burner, so to speak, to me. I'd much rather have a few more toyz!!

Hope you had a playful day with your toyz!



joyce said...

Wow! All those things look like new. No wonder we love garage saleing. I have never come across such good stuff around here though.

eva said...

Christmas has already come to you, I think. Congratulations to have made so many great deals!

xo Eva

Gerrie said...

I must show this to Mr C so that he knows that I am not the only weird shopper on the planet. My next purchases are a microwave and small fridge for my dye studio.

Karoda said...

i sure hope i can find this burner at one of the local WMs along with some el cheapo stainless steel pans.