Saturday, October 20, 2007

Weekend Happenings

Yesterday morning I attached the lining to my dressing room drapery, under the careful supervision of my ever-present companion, Barker:

When you last viewed the lining, I had ironed it but not washed it. The funny thing was that a lot of the blue dye that I sprayed onto the lining washed out!! HMMMMM! At first I was a bit dismayed...and I still can't figure out why that happened....but then I liked the effect that remained. Even I've gotta admit that this is a bit wild for a drapery lining (I know, I know: what was she smokin??) but it was purely for practice, right??

Here's a bit of a closeup to show you just where the sprayed blue dye remained:

Every so often I can see evidence of it on the background, but mostly it remained on the stamped portions and the brayered leaves. Can anyone tell me why????

The main drapery fabric is a lovely satin devore with a morning glory pattern that I purchased last year from Thai Silks. I dyed it blue, but now when you look out through that drapery covered window, it appears to be stained glass! I am so pleased with the outcome!

We headed for Atlanta yesterday afternoon and enjoyed a wonderful Italian dinner in Virginia Highlands at Figo and then walked next door to Paolo's for Gelato. MMMMMMM! I had the riso (rice) and C enjoyed the Dulce de leche. As I wrote the other day, we are both listening to Elizabeth Gilbert's "Eat, Pray, Love" on our ipods, so Italian just seemed like the cuisine of choice!

It's a beautiful weekend here, and the neighborhood was chock full of yard sales when we walked Barker this morning. Two of our friends were selling these wonderful old books:

I just couldn't resist! Check out the title of the book on the right, and look at one of the many wonderful illustrations inside "The Swan and her Crew":

We also found a brand new ipod docking station with AM/FM radio and alarm clock for $5!! So now we have two: one for him and one for me! Breakfast featured fresh pastries purchased from the Breadgarden's table at Piedmont Park's Green Market, plus coffee at Caribou's outside tables, where another customer asked if she could photograph Barker (of course he obliged!). She explained that she had just returned from France and hadn't seen one French Poodle worth photographing...but Barker was the dog she wanted to show her friends!! I just hope she didn't catch the Caribou logo in her pic!!

We closed out the afternoon by going to see the newly released documentary "For the Bible tells me so", which I have to say so embraces our sentiments concerning homosexuality, the so-called Christian element which preaches that homosexuality is an "abomination", and my pride in my Episcopal church for electing Gene Robinson as its first gay Bishop and openly welcoming ALL to worship. We had read several reviews before going to see the movie, and most felt that it was aesthetically unpleasing although the subject matter was well presented. Both C and I like documentaries and we found this to be extremely well done..........we give it a TEN!

Tonight we are dining in on Shrimp and Sausage Gumbo from MetroFresh, San Francisco Sourdough Bread from Trader Joes, Aurugula from Trader Joes, and perhaps, just perhaps, a few dark chocolate covered Edamame from the aforementioned TJs!....but first, a spot of gin!



Eva Hagbjärn said...

What a lovely and eventful weekend!


joyce said...

It sounds like you are living the life of Reilley! I envy you those garage sales.

Karen Hall said...

Wish I was with you for dinner - Shrimp and Sausage Gumbo sound sooo gooood.
I like the fact that your lining for a drapery (is that a curtain?) is wild. I always used to go "over the top" when I painted the insides of cupboards as it came as a surprise!
Love K

Gerrie said...

Sometimes, your blog leaves me sooo hungry. It is not conducive to staying true to WW's. :-)

It seems strange that the spray dye washed out and the other didn't. Was the other thickened?

Thanks for the recommendation for the documentary. A must see for us.

I'm off to make dindin for the family.

Patsy said...

I too belong to the Episcopal Church!! Another thing in common.

Couldn't eat Shrimp with you though because I'm allergic to it.

Loved the picture of that bird!! I love yard sales and second hand stores and antique stores!!!!