Wednesday, November 28, 2007

.......and so it goes

C and I recently listened to Kurt Vonnegut's "Slaughterhouse-Five" on our ipods. After every death the narrator would calmly say, "And so it goes". Today we attended the Memorial Service for our friend Price, who lost his battle with Leukemia last week. It was a beautiful service, with each of his five children participating: three sons read lessons from the Bible, the fourth and oldest son delivered a loving Eulogy, and Price and Carol's only daughter sang a beautiful song in tribute to their Dad. Those parents must be very proud of their children. I wore a brown suit and topped it off with the scarf that I had completed last weekend. I was talking to my friend Rosemary after the service and she asked if she could buy the scarf! Of course I agreed!!! That was my fastest sale yet, and I have to say, one of my most rewarding, as Rosemary is a very accomplished artist, and one I have admired for as long as I've lived in Gainesville.

If you are a reader of Virginia Spiegel's blog, you will know that not only is she an incredible fiber artist, but she does a fabulous job with Fiber Art For A Cause, and I am not giving her near the credit she is due here. On Tuesdays Virginia conducts the Garbage Day Project, which has made me so much more aware of other folks' trash. As I was walking the neighborhood this morning, I came across some interesting stuff:

Our friends Doug and Jo had this out in front of their house, ready for pickup by our friendly trashmen. Do you know what it is?? C'mon, give it a guess! I was so thrilled, as it had already started to rust, so I could just bring it home and get busy with some more rusting........and think of how nice that would be with wax, or with spray paint, or..................! I was in 7th heaven!!!
Here's a closeup of my great find:

Yeah, I know Rayna, it's a bit hard on the eyes, but I had to do it!

I spent the better part of the afternoon in the Dentist's chair getting my new teeth (2 crowns).........growing old ain't always what it's cracked up to be! So, tomorrow I'm ready to start on another scarf and get busy with the rust!




joyce said...

Congrats on selling the scarf. I never know how much to change. How do you decide? Can't wait to see how you rust fabric with that piece of, wire??? or whatever it is.

Eva Hagbjärn said...

Good luck with the rust thing ;-)))

Gerrie said...

I love that bit of trash. Rayna totally changed the way I look at my surroundings. That must have been some jowza scarf!!

Rayna said...

Ooooh - save a piece for me. Good move, Judy.

On another subject -if I recall correctly, "And So it Goes" was broadcast journalist Linda Ellerbee's sign-off line and the title of her book on her years in television.
Never read Vonnegut - I must be too old; could never get into him. But for me, the line is inextricably linked to Ellerbee. I can hear her voice saying it.