Thursday, November 01, 2007

Blogger Blues

Blogger seems to be acting up again today so there will be no pictures.

"Our boys" from the American Boy Choir have come and gone, and I didn't even get a picture of them! They were sweet and polite and very motivated young men. We hosted one 8th grader and one 6th grader....I had forgotten how different the maturity level is between those two ages!! Their concert was on Tuesday evening and they were absolutely fantastic! We didn't meet our houseguests until after their performance....a pity, as I would have liked to have watched "my boys" perform. They spent the day yesterday touring around the countryside in their motorcoach and then watched Spiderman 3 at the church with our youth group, also attending the church's Halloween carnival and eating with us at our traditional Wednesday night parish supper. They had to be in bed by 9:30 both nights, so that left precious little time to really get to know them....and they were gone from here by 9:00 yesterday morning and 8:30 this morning! Talk about being in the midst of a whirlwind! If you ever have the opportunity to hear them sing, by all means do it! And if you are asked to host a boy or two, say yes, as you won't regret the experience.

After the boys went to bed on Tuesday evening, C and I sat down to a bowl of popcorn and a glass of wine. I promptly bit into an uncooked kernel and broke off one of my crowned front incisors. YIKES!! My dentist fit me in yesterday morning (thank heavens we weren't entertaining the boys!) and today I am scheduled for a root canal, and then a further fitting of a temporary tooth. I cannot believe this!!! We have tickets to the Georgia Tech/Virginia Tech football game tonight and are supposed to be tailgating with K & D, so I hope my visit to the dentist's goes smoothly.



Eva Hagbjärn said...

I know what you are getting through at the dentist. I have to have two new crowns and one new filling in three molar teeth.
Ouch, ouch!!
Are we getting old? Nooooo!


joyce said...

Yikes! Anything to do with the dentist is scary for the tooth as well as the pocketbook. Hope you feel better for the evening.

Gerrie said...

Aaaargh! Something else we have in common - lots of time in the dental chair!