Friday, November 02, 2007

City Style

First off, I feel it my boundeN duty to inform you all that a root canal isn't a big deal! It was, quite honestly, like a piece of cake! I loved my Endodontist (emphasis on the loved as I hope I don't have to see him anymore...not that he's not a nice and capable man, but I'd prefer to spend my time elsewhere!) and I did not experience one moment of pain or discomfort. He told me I might need to take a couple of Advil during the late afternoon and again in the evening, but I was never the least bit uncomfortable. His staff was incredibly caring, and the atomosphere in his office was so peaceful I actually fell asleep in the chair (no nitrous oxide either!) while he did his work!

C, Barker and I left for Atlanta as soon as we could after the procedure was completed. We met up with K & D to tailgate before the Georgia Tech/Virginia Tech football game, and then we attended the game. Our poor Georgia Tech got hit pretty hard, but it was a beautiful evening and we enjoyed being with our kids and their friends.

On our morning walk, I picked up these pretty Autumn leaves along the neighborhood sidewalks in Midtown:

Here are a couple of views of trees from our third floor condo:

It being Fall, I thought it was about time I updated my wardrobe, so I talked C into taking me out to lunch at the Belly General Store in Virginia Highlands, before I headed down the street to my favorite Chico's. We hadn't eaten at the Belly before, but had read some very good reviews, and we weren't disappointed. Left my camera behind, but you can see pics from their website here. C enjoyed the chicken enchiladas, while I was good and had the chicken salad salad, which didn't even have mayo! We both had a diet coke, and then split a yummy lemon cupcake.

Got two pairs of slacks at Chico's and then a wonderful pair of Earth shoes at Abbadabba's. The latter also had a sock sale going on, so I got a few stylin' pairs for the upcoming cooler months.

This evening we walked across the street to 905 Juniper and enjoyed dinner out on the patio at the almost-new Beleza. Here are a few of the twilight views:

The Metropolis condos

The new, almost finished, Viewpoint condos

The charming 1920's condo's directly across Juniper

C is checking out the menu, and Barker is making sure that I don't run off:

Barker is such a good boy when we take him out to dinner. One of the servers came over to give him a pat and said that his top knot felt as soft as a Q-tip!

A friend had highly recommended that we try Beleza's Grapefruit Martinis....mmmmm, they are yummy, and quite pretty as well:

We shared four "small plates". The first was this crudo tasting, which tonight consisted of (back to front) Salmon, Tuna, and Fluke with Watermelon Radish. We loved all three.

Next we enjoyed the Fingerling Sweet Potatoes with Salt Samplings, and Japanese Eggplant and Peppers with Pine Nuts:

Last but by no means least was the Lobster:




joyce said...

You are making me hungry! We only have one good restaurant within easy distance of here (20 miles). You are really lucky to have so many choices.

Eva Hagbjärn said...

The autumn leaves glow with color this time of the year. Lovely!

Kram (hug)