Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Happy Anniversary

to us!
Thirty seven years ago today was a warm and sunny day for November in Massachusetts. "Come Saturday Morning" by the Sandpipers and "If I were a Carpenter" were two of my favorite songs. We had known eachother for exactly four months: we were madly in love and he was going off to war. I had a few days off from nursing school for the Thanksgiving holiday, and C was scheduled to leave for Viet Nam on December 1st, so we set the date and gathered as many of our family members and friends as possible to celebrate with us.
Short dress eh? Didn't have time for much more, but I didn't care...and neither did he! C was a bit chubbier back then, and I was a bit slimmer. We both smoked. My, my how the years have changed us!
Here we are with C's parents:
and cutting the cake.
They said it wouldn't last. They also said I must be pregnant.....our baby was born 8 1/2 years was just love!
Today I celebrated at the dentist's office, then visited my Mom, later went swimming, and now we will go wash windows: how romantic. We are planning to celebrate with friends this evening.


Karen Hall said...

Ahh, bless, how lovely.

joyce said...

Happy anniversary. You were a cute little bride. "They" said our marriage wouldn't last either but it's been 44 years and counting...

Eva Hagbjärn said...

What nice pictures!
Is that your real hair color or have you dyed that too ;-))))

I think you celebrate Thanksgiving "over there" tomorrow, so Happy Thanksgiving!

Lots of HUGS from your Swedish family!

Vicki W said...

Happy Anniversary!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the wedding pics! I'd never seen them! They're great! Congratulations on your anniversary and Happy Thanksgiving!

English Maestra said...

a belated happy anniversary! and here's to many more!

Rayna said...

Oooh - what a good looking couple! So has it lasted? LOL. Wishing you 37 more!

Karoda said...

Great pictures and a very happy 37 more years to come!

Gerrie said...

Ohh! I missed it. You have the exact same anniversary as my friend Terry!! What a cutey you were - of course, you still are!

Terry said...

Whoa! The same exact anniversary. Same day, same year. It must be lucky. Hope you had a nice anniversary--we did. Cleaned house for Thanksgiving guests then went out to dinner.