Saturday, November 17, 2007

Out and About

in Atlanta, GA........our home away from home.

Yesterday was another beautiful day in the southland. We've been in Atlanta for a few days of wonderful R&R. In the afternoon we mosied on up to St. Anne's Episcopal Church where the folks from "Work of our Hands" are holding their annual holiday sale to benefit Emmaus House and Holy Comforter Church.
Here's St. Anne's, a most lovely church:

While I was paying for my goodies, C had a guided tour of the fabulous nave with none other than Elizabeth Allen, wife of retired Bishop of Atlanta Frank Allen, who had once been Rector of St. Anne's. I have met and spent time with Mrs. Allen, so I was pleased when I met up with the two of them touring around the nave. There is an incredible mosaic surrounding the Baptismal Font and also a most marvelous piece of needlework in front of the organ, done by Doug Johnson, an old friend of mine from EGA. The stained glass windows at St. Anne's are just incredible. Here is the rose window with its incredible dove, viewed from the outside:

After leaving St. Anne's, we headed over to the OK Cafe for a very late lunch (or was it very early dinner?). Our friends Margaret and Jeff had told us about it and said that it is one of their favorite eating establishments in Atlanta.

C had the vegetable plate: corn muffin, black eyed peas, collard greens, cabbage casserole, and macaroni and cheese (only in the South is macaroni and cheese considered a vegetable!)

I had the very rare cheeseburger, with Maytage Blue Cheese:

Those are deep fried pickles on top of the tomato...I didn't really care for them, but then again, I love my pickles plain. The french fries were fabulous, but I only ate a few. And don't worry, I couldn't finish the burger........and barely touched the bun. But it was a yummy meal!

We headed back to the condo in rush hour traffic and found a kindred spirit in front of us on the road........check out those bumper stickers:

We avoided much of the traffic on the interstate by keeping to the surface streets and enjoying the Georgia Tech campus:

Last evening we walked up to the High Museum for a bit of culture. The new Louvre exhibit is open, emphasizing the Egyptian works that Napoleon and Josephine brought to the collection. It was very interesting and educational. I hadn't realized that Josephine dressed in flowing Egyptian style gowns because they favored her shape over the attire that Marie Antoinette had worn. Josephine also wore her hair in an Egyptian fashion. We enjoyed the new Impressionist Exhibit, and are hoping to go back and revisit both before they close.

Today we are going to the Balzer Theater to see "Gee's Bend".

Have a great weekend!



Rayna said...

Judy, I just love touring Atlanta with you. Blue cheesburgers are the best, aren't they?

Gerrie said...

I just love that window. How lovely. Your lunch, however, well, at least you didn't eat all of it!! That is the kind of lunch Mr C orders. I would have loved C's - all my fave foods.