Friday, November 30, 2007

What Friends

I met with my silk painting group this afternoon in Atlanta. I love these ladies!!! There is always so much information to share: not only about our art work, but also about our families, that the time just flies by!
Several of us got together before the meeting for a wonderful lunch at the Gallery Cafe where a couple of our members have pieces of art for sale on display. The food was great, the service was fantastic, and I highly recommend it if you are in the Atlanta Metro Area.
Please go to our blogsite to read about our meeting. I shared this piece, which is a Rozome rendition of my first Christmas scarf of the year:

Here's the first scarf:

I learned a lot by trying to adapt the Rozome technique to this resist technique. While I like both scarves, I think this second one is more in keeping with the Christmas season. Perhaps the first one is more of an Autumn scarf. What do you think?

I'm on to bigger and (hopefully better) things, so stay tuned for more ramblings!



joyce said...

They are both beautiful but I find the technique in the first one more interesting. Maybe that's because I have done a bit of silk painting.

Gerrie said...

Well, I like them both. Are you going to turn me into a silk painter? Wish there was a group like this here.

Diane D. said...

They're both gorgeous! I think the top one would work for Autumn or Christmas.