Tuesday, December 04, 2007


One of the greatest gifts that a person can enjoy is that of friendship. That said, I will share with you the events of last evening. Our friend Robin came for dinner, and brought along the most incredibly precious gifts, aside from his friendship.

Look at this:

He obviously reads my blog, and walked into the house laden with rusty stuff! I was just shrieking with joy and excitement! I've already put the first few pieces into a rust bath, and can't wait to add more. Robin says he has been collecting rusty stuff for years now, and I can see that in this great collection. I am so thrilled!! Thank you darling!!

He also brought along a lot of gorgeous pieces of fabric that he has collected over the years. Here are just a few:

this is a vintage, say 40's, tablecloth:

an old treasured shirt of his, that he couldn't bear to part with, so he cut it up, saved it, and then gave it to me: (!)

A wonderful mola and a piece of silk which was once used by a friend to house his Taro cards:

and another really neat piece of fiber:

We had a wonderful visit with our friend, and we are so very happy that he has come into our lives again, but on a much more personal level this time! For years we enjoyed watching Robin perform on the stage both here locally and in Atlanta; and now he is our friend as well!

As for more gifts, this is the sunset over "our" lake this evening:

breathtaking! It's been a FABULOUS 24 hours!



joyce said...

What wonderful gifts. Only a caring person would think to give rusty "junk" to a person. The fabrics are beautiful too.

Karen Hall said...

i love the fabrics
Friends are lovely aren't they.
Love K

Gerrie said...

Gotta love a friend like that!! What are you going to do with those fabulous fabrics?

Eva Hagbjärn said...

What a nice friend! To give away things he has saved for many years, that's real friedship!
Take good care of him.
Lovely sunset!
The weather has been rainy and foggy here today so it got dark already at 14.30 PM.


Exuberant Color said...

I remember tablecloths like that in the '40's and we always had a tablecloth on the table and it had always been ironed.