Sunday, December 16, 2007

Doggone It!

By the time I had finished blogging last night, a lot of my anger had dissipated, but I still was not a happy camper.

This morning C, Barker and I had our early walk on the golf course, ate breakfast and then prepared to leave for church. I was not taking any chances, and so I asked C to once again lock the bedroom door. I watched and listened, and I know it was locked. When we returned home, Barker greeted us in the foyer! Harry Houdini, indeed!

Fortunately we hadn't left any food on the kitchen island or counter tops, so as to tempt him, but we are just amazed that he can actually turn the knob on the dead bolt and set himself free! What a boy! So I apologized profusely to my darling husband (kneeling together in prayer this morning healed a lot) and got on with the day.



Gerrie said...

Love the photo of Barker lickinghis chops. I'm rethinking getting a standard poodle!! Hope you gave C a big hug with the apology!

Vicki W said...

He looks like a very clever and crafty pooch!

Eva Hagbjärn said...

You probably have to put a padlock on the outside of your bedroom door to keep that Houdini inside your bedroom ;-)
He's so cute yor "little" Houdini =)


joyce said...

Start by changing his name to Harry and then invest in a lot of chains and locks. Or else give up baking. Lol.

Twila Grace said...

Now that's a clever dog! My cat once locked himself in the bathroom, which has one of those slide locks with the little notches to hold it in place. Well he closed the door on himself and managed to set the lock. We had to bust the door open, which tore some of the wood from the frame. God bless us and our pets!