Monday, December 17, 2007

Mega Monday

Well, I got the bladder packed up and in the mail this morning! Whew, that was a job!!! Well, you know, it was the quilted bladder from last Friday. Here's a little bit better closeup of Terry's edging:

I just love it!

I battled the crowds (not bad) at the post office today, and decided that the best way to get through it was to keep a smile on my face. I've heard that when you talk on the phone you should always smile, because then people can hear it in your voice. It does seem to help. I had a very nice chat with the lady behind me in line, and the gentleman in front of me was very pleasant and peaceful.

I spent the early afternoon baking more coffee breads: I do love doing it, in spite of Barker's huge appetite for them! C and I spent a couple of hours yesterday evening cleaning out our pantry, which is HUGE, and found a great spot to cool the coffee breads: up high and way out of Barker's reach.

We went out to dinner tonight with our friends Keith and Molly. There is a new restaurant on the Gainesville Square called Scott's on the Square and it is quite nice. Both C and I enjoyed the beef tenderloin topped with crabmeat and bearnaise sauce: yummm!

When we got home I finished our Christmas cards: YIKES! I thought I'd never get done. It's always such a relief to have the cards and the breads done. (Somehow i don't think Christmas was meant to be this way, do you?) Maybe tomorrow the breads will be finished. I longed to get out into the studio and do some dyeing this evening, but it just didn't happen....maybe tomorrow.

C found this darling Towhee on the patio this evening:

I love Towhees. We usually have 2-3 families who live nearby year round. They seem to have disappeared this summer, returning about a month ago. When I first spotted the males years ago, I thought I was seeing Baltimore Orioles. This poor fellow must have been startled and flown up and hit against our sliding glass doors. I really do hate it when that happens!

Tell me how your day has been. I have so many visitors now who do not comment. I don't want to scare you away, but I'd love to hear from you. Sometimes I feel like I'm just chattering away to myself..........and I do that all too often here at home! Take a minute and say hello!!



Exuberant Color said...

I have a big picture window on the front of the house and one on the back and the birds were killing themselves all the time until I got mini-blinds which I have to keep tilted to block the straigt through view.

sionwyn said...

poor bird. There are sacred kingfishers crashing into my folks' windows here every now & then, but they usually just stagger around a bit & then fly off.
(delurking mostly because I've been grumping lately about the goldfish bowl feeling when people don't comment, so I'm trying to walk my talk)

joyce said...

Congrats on keeping on smiling. I have heard that a cut out of a hawk shape will keep birds from flying into the windows but haven't tried it.

Anonymous said...

Hi Judy,

How was my (Mon)day?

Now that the christmas ornaments (for the sale in our public library) and the Chr. cards for our family and friends in Holland are finished, I finally took some time to sew. I dropped 18 pounds in weight, had a blouse way to big, hardly worn, but the fabric is fantastic. Plus beautiful fabric is hard to get here on the island. So I carefully took it apart and reassembled it. Now it is finished and I look forward to wear it one of these evenings.
Today started with the pest control. It is raining on a daily basis at the moment and the number of insects, incl. mosquito's is overwhelming. Not anymore now I hope. Next I will get to the library and hope to borrow a few nice books for the Holidays. And maybe in the afternoon I will go to the beach to have a nice (swim)workout. Well, this was a little chat for you. Have a wonderful day (btw: I am not busy making bread, since I am on South Beach...)


Regina, Sint Maarten (DWI)

Rayna said...

You don't really want to know how my day was. AH CHOO!

Beverly said...

Well, here's hoping you get your 10,000 visitors! I really enjoyed looking back in your July posts about your discharging= the ones overdyed with turquoise are great! (Another thing to add to my list of stuff I want to try.)

Merry Christmas to you and your famiy, and keep blogging about your work- love looking at it!

Plain Jane said...

so sad about the birdie....
A quilted bladder, Huh? what are you going to make for the proctologist?

English Maestra said...

did you mail the bladder to mexico?? it will never get there. a custom agent will love it so much he will take it home with him but not know what it is! ah, el correo mexicano!