Friday, December 14, 2007

An Excellent Friday!

I had a rather absurd idea a couple of weeks ago when I was racking my pea brain to think of Christmas gifts.....I know: a wee bit late! Anyway, I thought it would be fun (or funny?) to paint a bladder on silk and then quilt it for my brother-in-law, the Urologist. Why not, I thought? I was very, very excited about this project! I found a likely suspect: a sketch of a bladder fundus in Grey's Anatomy, which is now public domaine! So I captured that sucker on silk, using crazy colors, and then I quilted it:

C thinks I've totally lost my mind, but he did agree that the finished piece looked pretty neat. I was most pleased in once again using Terry Grant's method of finishing the edges of the quilted piece. I use a Bernina sewing machine and have a #21 Cording Foot, which feeds the #5 Perle Coton right along the finished edge line that I've drawn. After cutting off the excess fabric, I decided to use a variegated black metallic thread for the final stitching. I wound it on my bobbin and then flipped the piece over and edge stitched it so that the bobbin thread showed up on the top. It's pretty cool! Here's a bit of the edge stitching before I've doctored it with the black marker:

It's amazing what that marker can do! I wish I had taken a picture of the finished piece (closeup) for you.

As we set out for Atlanta late this afternoon, C said he thought we would enjoy another pretty sunset. That always makes the drive more interesting for him.......and I happened to have the camera handy, so you can take a peek too, if you wish:

We live in Hall County, and the next county south of us is Gwinnett, where the traffic really begins to get heavy:

Here is Spaghetti Junction, I 285 (Atlanta's circumferential highway) is overhead with loads of trucks, and we are headed south on I 85. There are several other loops in there, but I cannot for the life of me tell you what they all are. Every so often I have to travel over that top loop on 285, and I just HATE it! So here's Spaghetti Junction:

The traffic is heavy, and I feel like we are heading into an inferno!

Ah, we have reached our exit:

I will leave you with one last picture of tonight's glorious sunset:



joyce said...

What an unusual subject for a quilt! It turned out very nice. I am impressed.

Gerrie said...

Love to watch you two ride off into the sunset. For what it's worth,I think you have lost your mind, too! :-) But that is why you have become one of my favorite cyber buddies.