Thursday, December 13, 2007

What a GREAT Day!

This has been such a great day! I can hardly stand it all!

Barker and I had our usual early morning golf course walk. I decided to help the maintenance guys by picking up some of the trash along the cart paths. Of course, there were also a couple of balls, which C will clean up and give to his golfing buddies:

When I sat down to breakfast, I had to laugh at the birdfeeder stand outside the diningroom windows:

Obviously Rocky Racoon's big brother is still on the loose nearby. Just look how he bowed our stand! As you can see, Barker was amazed!!!

We have snowdrops blooming along our front walkway:

Does that mean it's going to snow, or that Spring is here?

Next on my calendar was a trip to the cabinet maker. I was not looking forward to this, but since I like Pat, our contractor, so much, I was eager to please him and get on with the "work" of picking out stuff for our new kitchen. It turned out that Christa the Cabinetmaker and I hit it off and were like good buddies after about five minutes. She came here from a small town near Frankfurt, Germany forty years ago, and now runs the family business, after her husband's death. She comes highly recommended by friends around town, and I know why: she is delightful and very easy to work with. I know a few things that C and I really want, but then there are so many other options.

One of the things I'm pretty sure I want is this beadboard front on our long island:

Beadboard reminds me of my grandmother Augusta, who had beadboard ceilings on her porches.

Here's another little feature that I think would add a bit of uniquenss and charm to our kitchen:

We're going to have a second sink across the kitchen from the island sink. The microwave will be there, and a great "bar" area leading into the diningroom. This is getting exciting!

While driving back to town, I had a great cell phone chat with my longtime friend Jackie, who has moved to Denver. Even though we hadn't seen eachother in a number of years because she had moved out of town, I miss her terribly now that she has moved so very far away. She is not happy with the present cold and snow in her new hometown........she's a Georgia Peach, after all!

Next I helped my good friend Sue finalize our church's Secret Santa collection. C and Sue's husband plus a couple of their friends (yes, the same crew that built our fence last summer: God Bless them All!) delivered the gifts to the Salvation Army while Sue and I bought a few extras for the kids who hadn't received quite enough. It was a good feeling to be shopping for those less fortunate than we are.

I came home and assembled and quilted a Christmas gift. All I have remaining of that fun project is adding Terry's Perle Coton binding, which I hope to accomplish tomorrow morning. Since it's a surprise gift, I may not be able to post a pic.

OK, now the very best news: I had an email from Rayna Gillman tonight saying that her book will be published in June..........and one of my pieces will be in it!! I've never been in a book before, so this is really thrilling for me. Rayna included a picture of the cover and it is just dyn-o-mite! So stay tuned for more "hot off the press" updates on Rayna's book!!! Go Rayna!!!



Exuberant Color said...

I have beadboard in my new kitchen and I love it. I think there must have been some in the house I grew up in.
Congratulations on getting a piece published. I remember how exciting it was the first time too.

Rayna said...

Thanks, Judy. I'm toast. Going to bed. Love that beadboard - there is something so cozy about it.

joyce said...

Congratulations on getting published! It's easy to see why she chose one of your works though. THey are beautiful.

Gerrie said...

Yeah! Congratulations on making it in to Rayna's book. I have just reserved a copy for myself. Can't wait for it to get here.

Eva Hagbjärn said...

The beadboard looks very Swedish so I can imagen that Augusta had that kind of panel on her cellings.
It all looks very pleasant and will be very nice on your fronts.
Nice with your piece in Rayana's book - Congratulations!!

xo Eva

Terry said...

Another kitchen redo! Rayna and I have been emailing about our kitchen projects. Do post progress pictures. My kitchen project looks like it has been bombed. The electrician and plumber have been working this past week and pulled out drywall all over the place. I love the beadboard too.

I'm glad the edge finish technique works for you! And it is very cool that you have work in Rayna's book. I think it will be seen by a lot of people. Everyone is pretty excited by a book from Rayna.