Monday, December 31, 2007

Final Notes

After my purchases of the past two days, it appears that I am looking forward to another artful year in 2008.

C, Barker and I walked over to Utrecht, one of my favorite art eye candy stores, yesterday afternoon. We all love going there for various reasons: it is a pleasant walk down fashionable Peachtree Street; the clerks welcome Barker inside the store with open arms and lots of warm hugs and praise; and I get more help than I know what to do with while browsing the aisles.

Here are yesterdays' purchases:

I can't wait to go home and get busy playing with these little goodies!

This morning we purchased my Mom a cute little Jitterbug phone, so that she will be entering 2008 in style also.

Then we drove over to Virginia Highlands and stopped by what is now my all-time favorite knitting shop, Knitch:

The entrance is really cute, but unfortunately that young man decided to walk right in front of the metal sculpture as I was taking the picture. So, I googled Knitch and found Pixie Purls' blog, with these great pictures that she had taken of the shop entry.

(you can see inside shots of the shop if you go here)

I'm not allowing myself to purchase any more yarn until I complete my two present knitting projects, but I did purchase these two great books:

By then, our stomachs were telling us it was lunch time, so we stopped by this barbecue "joint":

C loves barbecue and considers himself pretty much an afficionado, and Fox Bros. is one place we hadn't had time to try out before today. I thought these two signs on the smoker were pretty clever:

Here was my lunch: shredded pork, onion rings and cole slaw:


C enjoyed the beef brisket, collards, and pinto beans. I had a sampling of each, and liked them all too.

Last but not least, I must show you the book that my dear friend Bobbie gave me for Christmas. I am so excited about it:

When my buddy Diane became one of the premier subscribers to Cloth, Paper Scissors, I said, "No, I don't want another distraction"...........but I was wrong! Imagine that!!!! I LOVE each issue (and am now ordering the back issues!), and have become a huge Claudine Hellmuth I adore the book! Thanks Bobbie, and thanks Diane, for leading me further into the wonderful field of art!

Hope you all have or have had a happy and safe New Years' Eve. We are staying in tonight and enjoying some light munchies, perhaps taking in a dvd, and getting to bed at a reasonable hour. I suppose that translates as being old...........and we are that!


p.s. My friend Sheila has posted even more about our Boxing Day festivities, so if you want to see some really disgusting pics of moi, go here! But I'm warning you in advance, it won't be pretty!!


Gerrie said...

I need C to give Mr C lessons in going along with my fetishes like shopping in art stores, fondling wonderful yard, looking at fabric. First of all he was not born with the shopping gene - I think it skips a generation cause his Dad had it. Anyway, I read, with envy, your forays into the fiber art shopping areas with C.

Wishing you both a happy and joyful new year; a year that will bring us face to face!

joyce said...

You seem to have a lot of nice restaurants in your area. I'm jealous. We have to drive for two hours to get to any good ones.

Anonymous said...
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