Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy Happy New Year!!!

Happy 2008 Everybody!!!

'07 was a great year for me/us, and I'm hoping that '08 will be at least as good if not better! I'll be working diligently to make it happen.

This is me today when I came home and got my mail from yesterday:

We had spent a couple of nights in Atlanta, and so our mail was waiting for us when we got home today. Isn't this a fun little doll! I just love her (and her dancing spirit seems to fit how I feel when I'm having fun with my fiber art!) and have to tell you the story of how she came to be mine. I have a wonderful cyber buddy in Wales named Karen. We have been getting to know eachother for several months now, and when she posted the PIF game on her blog (and she posted it at a time when she knew I'd be online) I was one of the lucky "winners"! WooHoo!! I adore Karen's work and was so pleased to be a recipient of her PIF piece. She's been sick with Vertigo for what seems like forever (right, Karen?) and on top of that we've all had the holidays, so I wasn't expecting my PIF for quite some time........and here it is! Since anticipation is always so much fun, I made myself totally unpack from our two days away, and then eat my lunch, and then start the laundry before I began to slowly unwrap my package. I just love the drama of it all!!! Here's the postal thingy from the post office in Wales:

Doesn't it look official with "Royal Mail" written on there?

Here's the Customs Declaration:

"Embroidery/picture"..........ummmmmmmm? OK!!!! Anything from Karen is fine with me!!

The first little package that I opened contained these beautiful notecards of some of Karen's works:

I think that I will frame them and hang them in my studio for inspiration and admiration. They are too lovely for words!!!

Next I opened this:

I apologize to Karen for not doing a better job of photographing this gorgeous necklace with her handmade beads, but I had had just about enough of putting off my pleasure of opening and I was now in the "full steam ahead" mode! I did photograph the necklace on me, but alas, there are too many wrinkles for me to share it with you!! I'll try to get a better pic tomorrow - on a mannequin, not on me! Suffice it to say that I have not taken the necklace off since I opened the package!!! It is too lovely for words!

And then there was the adorable Judy Doll! It makes me so happy!!!

Thank you Karen for everything. How thoughtful you are...and how very creative!!

I just love my cyber buddies!!!!

In case I grow weary of oooohing and aaaahing over Karen's gifts, this was also waiting in the mail for me today:

My 2008 has begun with a bang.........hope yours has too!



Eva Hagbjärn said...

Happy 2008 to you too Judy, and what I can see from the picyures, it started very well =)

Kram Eva

joyce said...

I hope your 2008 continues as it has started. I suppose a package like that every day would be asking a bit too much. Lol.

Karen Hall said...

I am so happy that your package arrived safely - and that it is OK.

Wishing you a very happy new year
With Love

Gerrie said...

Very nice mail. It is especially exciting to get mail from across the pond!