Thursday, December 20, 2007

Knitting Away and Away with the Draperies!

Well it all began with the front walkway: remember back in September when the tile guys reset the fieldstones in our front walkway? Well, then we had them do the same to both patios...and then they came inside and regrouted the diningroom and livingroom floors, and THAT was precisely when the draperies met their demise!! Somehow they destroyed the traverse rod on one of the sliding glass doors in the diningroom. They paid for a replacement, but then when C and I got to thinking about it, we really didn't like those draperies anyway, so why were we replacing the traverse rod? Enter: the lovely and talented Melissa, who came by and measured our sliders for some honeycomb window treatments that pull all the way up to the top, leaving a fabulous view of our lake.

Here's the livingroom this morning with the draperies still intact:

This evening, Melissa's Dad and his helper Patrick arrived to install the new honeycombs:

and here are our sliders with the new window treatments:

We can't wait to see how they look in the morning. I think they are going to be a huge success!

As I was preparing my breakfast this morning, I heard a strange licking noise and turned around to see this:

I apologize for the pic being so blurred, but Barker was licking so fast and furiously that I couldn't keep up! Elsie was in heaven...I doubt that she's had her ears washed since her older sister Sophie passed away last year. So she was due!!

Here's the lovely "couple" just as the bath concluded:

I was invited to join a little knitting group that meets once a month at Pannera's, and today was the day! I had such a good time, and I'm finally getting some help and guidance on my socks (remember those from last winter?)
On the left is my friend Roberta, who invited me to join, and Ann is on the right.

Here's Ann modeling her marvelous "crayon box" sweater, which she chose to knit in varying shades of white/ecru/beige with all different and wonderful yarns:

I just LOVE that sweater! It was so good to be with a group of real knitters and to listen to all of the different ideas and ways of doing things! I think this is going to be a great group for me!

Here's Teresa, Roberta's daughter, who is visiting from DC for the holidays:

Isn't that a great scarf that she's knitting!

So it was another great day for me: new window treatments and new friends!....and I got to paint some silk and work on some rusty stuff!!! WooHoo!!!



joyce said...

I like the new window treatments. I have never been a fan of having draperies that won't completely open away from the window. We have some like that in our kitchen and I'd like to change them but not sure what I want.

Jinny said...

Hi, Judy. I love all your photos and comments. I'm particularly interesting in the knitting ones. My sister is a knitter, and I've recently tagged along with her on a couple of knitting gettogethers and shopping trips. So i've seen what a wonderful world that is. Jinny

Jeannie said...

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and much joy in the New Year. Cheers.

English Maestra said...

roberta and i went to the same high school in huntington, WV! go east high highlanders!!

i agree about the draperies. the view is more magnificient than any draperies! i can h ardly wait to see it!

Anonymous said...

That interspecies grooming is the cutest thing I've seen in a long time. I wish my dog and cat got along that well.

komodori said...

The new sliders look great. And I've figured to get here without having to create my own blog!