Friday, December 21, 2007

Tryin' My Hardest

to keep you interested enough to come back for more, so as to make my goal of 10,000!

Here are some morning photos of our view with the new window loss of lake view due to the old draperies! MMMMMM: I do love those new honeycombs!

It was a cool, damp and drizzly day...........but we are very happy to have something resembling precipitation! That's our diningroom view below:

After a long morning walk on the golf course and a light breakfast, we headed off to the cabinet makers, so that C could see my number one pick:

It's the hickory that won out after all! WooHoo!! I could not believe that C was in total agreement with my choice!! The hickory is shown here on top of the countertop that I am liking very much. It looks like granite, but it is a manmade piece that, like granite, withstands heat but unlike granite, it is not porous, so will not stain. Hmmmm: another dilemna!
We met our friends Barbara and Chuck for a great lunch at the Third Coast Grill, visited my Mom and then I headed home to WORK! I had a nice little preholiday order off of my website earlier this week and finally had a chance to start working on it this evening! Thanks Marilyn!!! I love your order and I'm excited about how it is looking! We'll have no problem filling your order by December 28th.
So here we are: Friday December 21st and folks are getting busy with last minute holiday preparations. If your life becomes even more hectic and you don't come back to visit again for a few days, please know that our wish for you is to enjoy a very happy and peaceful holiday. I hope you will have the opportunity to relax, appreciate your family and/or loved ones, and practice your art! Know that I love you all and appreciate your visits!


Gerrie said...

Sometimes, reading your blog makes me feel exhausted as I try to keep up with you. I just love Barker. Maggie would never get that close to a cat and be nice, let alone grooming it!!

Vicki W said...

Who needs window treatments when you have that view!

Exuberant Color said...

The view is great and no need for drapes. I gave up on drapes 12 years ago and I don't even have a view! I have micro-mini blinds that are beginning to show their age. Maybe I'll try the honeycomb too.

I loved the Barker and Kitty pictures.

Eva Hagbjärn said...

We love you too!

Merry Christmas!

Kram Eva

Gerrie said...

I forgot to tell you that when I read the title of the previous blog, I thought you were knitting draperies!! :-)