Friday, December 07, 2007

The Long Road Home

Today we made the trek back home. I had very mixed feelings about leaving Snowbird, as we had such a terrific time, but I was missing Barker like crazy, so I was almost eager to get on the road shortly after breakfast. We wanted to go back over to Stecoah Gap and hike it one more time. I had seen this terrific seedpod, which reminds me of milkweed (but I don't think we have that here) the other day, but didn't have my camera with me on that particular hike. So, we set back out to find it again. I couldn't believe how far we had to walk to find it, but there it was:

I just love it! I didn't want to destroy it, or pick it (this is National Forest land), so this is the best I could do:

We also spotted a lot of lichen on trees that have fallen down. Here's one particularly pretty piece:

I think C is catching my fever for snapping blog pics. We drove past these dumptrucks partially covered in kudzu, and he turned around and went back, without me saying a word!

And here's my last shot of the day:

If the kudzu-covered trucks didn't tip you off that you were in the Southland, this sign surely would!



Nellie's Needles said...

Luv your photos. The kudzu covered dump trucks one is a hoot!

joyce said...

It sure looks like milkweed to me too. Could it be cotton? Or does it grow wild? Love the No Huntin sign and agree with the sentiments.

Twila Grace said...

I love the pic of the abandoned dump trucks. It reminds me of a pic that John and I snapped in OH when passing a group of three (yes, three again!) abandoned, rusted, small train engines that we think were once used in a steel mill setting.