Monday, December 10, 2007

St Francis the Gourmet Cook

Have I ever told you what a GREAT cook my husband is? He was a good cook when we married, but he has just gotten better and better......and he has, thank goodness, because I no longer have much desire to cook! Not only does this man cook wondeful meals for ourselves and often our guests, but he also cooks for our feathered friends! C mixes up a big batch of peanut butter, oatmeal and I-don't-know-what-else suet, which the birds devour. Occasionally other local critters take advantage. One morning last week, I retrieved one of our suet feeders down in the shrubbery beyond our patio. C was irate....not only were his tastey handcrafted blocks of suet being consumed in 24 hours, but the containers were being dragged off as well! So he got out all of his guns, er traps!

Here's the little cutey-pie who had mistakenly thought that C was his private chef:

Isn't he darling?!! C just takes the traps a few miles away and lets these kids go.......hopefully not to return.

Here's the bonus that we also caught last night:

separate trap, but not more than three feet away! We both hate squirrels (Barker loves them and has actually caught one on the fly!) and living in such a wooded area, we have our fair share.

C also loves to feed the ducks, and during the winter and spring, the migrating Canada Geese drop by for a snack:

I counted 36 this morning! Enough already!!!

I had hoped to show you pictures of completed pieces tonight, but alas the kitchen designer came (we have plans!!), the contractor dropped in, and I had to spend a few hours in town working out at the gym and running errands. Maybe tomorrow!

Hope you've had a great day!



joyce said...

Raccoons look cute but we had a full grown one in our garage once and when he hissed at me I was scared. He looked dangerous. Lucky birds in your yard! Lucky you with a cooking husband.

Eva Hagbjärn said...

I agree with Joyce, lucky you with a cook in the house. Bertil doesn't even make breakfast, and if he does he only makes to him self!!!!!!
His excuse for not making any for me is:
"I don't know what you want to have."
Funny, how can I always know what he wants?
Well there's no idea to waist energy on getting angry.
As my Mom would have said:
"You made your own choice when you choose to marry him."So true!
There's also a saying that goes like this:
"The fiancé doesn't know the husband/spouse."
And that's also very true =)
He's good in many other things he does, so I just have to be thankful for that ;-)


Gerrie said...

I'll take squirrels over raccoons, anytime. You and the birds are lucky to have a resident cook.