Monday, December 17, 2007


Ya know: I'm not going to make 10,000 viewers by Christmans unless you guys beef it up!!! I guess I should rethink my high aspirations?????



pixie said...

hello hello, pretty birdie, great edging I must learn how to do that....10 000 viewers, holey moley that's a lot! Merry christmas from way down here in NZ, where the weather has been sparkling and hot. Went to carols by candlelight (after the sun sets at about 9pm) and my favourite song was It'll never snow, it'll never snow, it'll never snow....the weather outside's delightful....... hehehe.

Gerrie said...

Your stats still count the visitors even if they don't comment. I just don't worry about the lack of comments from my visitors. There are lots of blogs that I visit where I do not comment. I have my main blogging friends. I usually try to say something even if it is inane - which is often - LOL!

So here is your inane comment for the day!!

Eva Hagbjärn said...

Poor little bird! I also have a lot of birds who are flying into our windows at the backside of our house. Sometimes twice a day, but gladly most of them survive the “crash”.

You are a real optimist when it comes to the 10 000 visitors, but…I wish you good luck!


Amelia Laney said...

By Christmas 2007? Of course we can do it!