Saturday, December 22, 2007

Waiting ever so patiently

C and I are of the Episcopal faith and according to our church calendar, we are in the season of Advent, so we are waiting (patiently or impatiently as the case may be) for the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. The secular world is celebrating Christmas ALREADY and it is difficult to be a "good Episcopalian" and not fall into the evil clutches (LOL) of the secular world. So, when I am lazy and don't decorate I can say that I'm just being a good Episcopalian.....finally! I did put the wreath on our front door today! WooHoo!!!

All that said, we've had a very pleasant wintry day here in northeast Georgia. The temps never rose above the mid 40s, and it drizzled pretty much all day, which won't really help our drought, but it can't hurt it too much either. As C and I were nibbling on our lunches and watching the birdies nibbling on theirs, I spotted about eight beautiful cardinals, males and females. They would swoop down onto the feeders, get a snack and then hurry back up into the trees. Here's a handsome gent taking a breather in our Japanese maple:

I am reminded of some visitors we had from Great Britain a few years ago. They had never seen Cardinals, birds we take so for granted here, and they couldn't get enough of them. I do love them too. This guy is pretty spectacular.

C did his annual Christmas coffeebread delivery this morning. Look at old Barker just laying there hoping that one will fall onto the floor so that he can rescue it!

Most of the breads have already been delivered, so these were the last few going out to neighbors and friends.

I've become a bit attached to Claudine Hellmuth's Poppet figures and decided to make a few for K & D. Here they are resting on my little cutting board:

I was having a difficult time making tails for Marley and Tucker (the first ones fell off as I was cutting around them), and then I discovered some copper wire hanging out in my sewing room (wonder what it was originally intended for?). It made great tails and even greater leashes!

Last night I got in a little studio time and steamed this crepe de chine scarf:

I like the way it turned out. I used gold water soluble gutta to outline the dragonflies, and I waxed and salted the wings in order to give them a little more depth. Here are a couple of closeups:

Tonight I wrapped presents.....wrapped, and wrapped, and WRAPPED!!!

I am amazed at the number of cards that we have received this season saying "peace"....have you noticed that??? I think we all are so tired of the present administration and the war...what do you think???



Eva Hagbjärn said...

Well here I am, and here’s one more for your counter. LOL

What a lovely bird and the scarf are just wonderful!

It must have gone a lot of flour to all that Christmas breads?
I hope the receivers’ know what an enormous work and love you have put in all this breads.

I’ve received a lot of Christmas cards too… actually also a very beautiful hand made one from Gainesville, Georgia.
Tank you!
Hope you all will have a very nice Christmas Holidays.

Kram Eva

joyce said...

The Dragonfly scarf is gorgeous. The gold gutta really sets off the blue. Have you used black gutta much? I'm not sure about the water based, but the spirit based never dries properly. I made a dress for my DD and the black lines transferred to a white area when it was folded. It was nearly a year old when that happened.