Wednesday, January 02, 2008


I began quilting "Bleeding Hearts" yesterday afternoon. I absolutely adore quilting with shimmer on silk! So this was a fun thing that I had been putting off...sort of on the idea of waiting to open Karen's package yesterday! This afternoon I bound the little quilt using Terry Grant's fabulous technique one more time. It is so easy and is just perfect for this type of piece. Thanks Terry for sharing! Here it is finished:

Here are a couple of closeups.....sorry about the blurring:

I am toying with the idea of beading the centers of the coneflowers....what do you think? I did not put a hanging sleeve on the back of this one, and am thinking about stitching three loops of black braided rayon cord (top left, center and right) across the top and then using a small wrought iron hanger.

Then I started puttering around on the yet unfinished "Rusty Gusty". I've decided to add a few more photo transfers of my mother's family, plus some text from their immigration papers. I hope to have more to show you tomorrow. Barker is going to get groomed and C is having breakfast with his buddies and then running errands tomorrow morning, so I'll have some productive time to myself.

We are having roasted root veggies (parsnips, carrots, sweet potatoes) plus scalloped oysters for dinner tonight. Our friend Durwood gifted us with the most wonderful Pacific Oysters...and I know they are going to be terrific scalloped, as they were yummy raw last night. It is very cold here: the windchill at 4:00 this afternoon was 15. BRRRRRRRR!!!



joyce said...

Bleeding hearts is gorgeous. I think beads in the sunflowers would look fantastic. I love the colors.

Terry said...

I love, love, love this! Very spontaneous feeling. It has a lot of good energy. I'd say don't bead, don't do a thing. It is perfect as it is. Beads are too fussy for something so fanciful. (But I am not a fan of beading...)

PaMdora said...

Beautiful work! I've never used silk or quilted it, maybe I should try sometime.

Gerrie said...

The bleeding hearts piece is really very nice. You have a real gift for painting flowers that are realistic yet very artful.

Scarlett said...

I love this peice! I love the watercolor feel to it. And no I would not bead the flowers as I think it would deflect the beautiful colors. They are fine as they are. If you feel that it needs some "pop", then you could bead the centers only. But not the actual leaf.